Why you should invest in Secondary Market Equipment!

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on May 1st, 2018

In today’s world, Technology is expanding with the speed of light. Every day, we experience something new making our current technology old and obsolete. But, the new technology is developing that maintains our comfort and makes our life easier. Most of the people have doubt about what to do with decommissioning telecom equipment.

Here are some answers and tips to follow for proper disposal of equipment.

  • Eliminate access from and to the equipment so a hacker can’t access your network. It is very important for every business or company to keep their data safe from hackers. There are many myths about Secondary market equipment. Here are some common myths:
  • Some people believe the secondary market means low-quality hardware but this is absolutely wrong. We can completely rely on the equipment as they are almost equal to or better than brand new equipment.
  • Another myth about the secondary market is that these equipment don’t have the warranty. There are many secondary markets which offer a solid warranty. You can find the telecom products with warranty up to 3 years. Some offer a lifetime warranty too. One can make a telecom consignment after communicating each and everything about the equipment.

Telecommunication is a maintenance dependent industry that requires some quick decisions about reliable services. Telecommunication service providers spend a huge amount of technology every year. They often come to secondary market when replacement parts for deployed systems are not available from suppliers or when new updating is too costly.

The most reliable source for purchasing the equipment is a vendor who excels in technology investment recovery series. Thus, it becomes more crucial to check the after services of the vendor. The deployment of new technology means an increase in the cost of the outdated or previous system.

There are several numbers of service providers but here is a link to an experienced provider https://www.csgroupint.com/index.php/buyers/assetcaster having a warehouse in the area over 400,000 sq. feet. They hold a large database of telecom equipment, so you can buy according to your need. So, you can make a telecom consignment. Their staff is always available to assist you with the equipment procurement and asset investment recovery endeavors. They have a network of more than 500 pre-screened and pre-qualified buyers. They also have an option of browse and search the product categories. You can generate the bid for items on sale, track the activity and manage your payment easily with security. Buyers have an access to huge collection of 35000 line items and above 450,000 individual parts.

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