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Social media has brought forth a new advertising forum for companies trying to expand their reach and access a wider range of demographics. Statistics show that more than 30 million businesses have created a Facebook fan page and 19 million of these pages have been further optimized for mobile devices since 1.19 billion of the 1.39 billion monthly Facebook users access the network on their mobile devices. Asia makes up 15.14% of Facebook users with Singapore contributing a large percentage to this number with 3.8 million active users every month on the site and 79% of the entire population using the internet translating to 4.3 million of the 5.5 million population of the country.

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This has led to the birth of numerous digital marketing agencies in Singapore each offering various services geared to helping businesses exploit the ever-expanding social media markets. Businesses in Singapore are getting on board the social media advertising boat with more companies investing heavily in such advertising forums. On a survey done in the country, 45% of businesses have increased their budgets for social media marketing from previous years, while 32% elected to spend the same amounts as before. The survey conducted by two of the biggest telecommunications conglomerates in the country also showed that businesses use social media for various purposes including generating exposure through brand awareness among users of social media, engage customers and in generating new leads for the companies. The numbers for each function were recorded at 94%, 28%, and 35% respectively. Other companies also relied on social media to help them in establishing their thought leadership positions. Additionally, over 35% of businesses in Singapore reported to be present and active on more than one social media networking site and showed a commitment to sustaining and even improving their online presence. These numbers show that social media is already a vital aspect of Singaporean businesses and is only set to grow bigger.

For this reason, it is imperative to learn how to develop the online presence as a business to tap into the platform that is realizing results for so many businesses. One may try to do this in-house but the most effective thing to do would be to use a digital marketing agency in Singapore. Digital marketing agencies have the benefit of providing a wide range of useful digital skills that may not be present in-house as well as being industry specialists as this is their niche and thereby having up to date information on emerging trends on the field of social media advertising. To ensure that a digital marketing agency is the right fit one needs to consider the portfolio of the agency using client testimonials and from studying the agency’s website, the specific reason they are hiring the agency and the company’s ability to deliver results as well as compatibility. The price should factor in but remember you get what you pay for, so it is important to emphasize quality. Tangy Lab models its business on the principles of communication, feedback, planning, implementation and optimization making it ideal for businesses that are starting out as well as those that would like to expand their social media marketing. With services such as social media marketing and lead generation, the company has helped businesses increase their return on investments commonly referred to as ROI, build a larger target audience and increase page engagements.

Facebook advertising is not as simple as creating a fan page and posting daily which is why contacting a digital marketing agency in Singapore may be the best option despite the cost especially with the return on investment such as expanding reach, increased sales and better brand building through engaging with customers. This is considering that 46.2% of Singaporeans have reported researching product reviews and experiences of other users on social media before buying a product or visiting an establishment, this means that one in every two Singaporeans is influenced by social media when making a purchase decision. Such an agency can also help navigate potholes such as ad targeting based on interests, geographic areas, age and gender, financial resources or occupation, level of education, political beliefs or even the type of mobile devices they use. By using these parameters and more they are able to help build a brand image that is better perceived by customers encouraging engagement with your audience. Social media marketing in Singapore has grown by leaps and bounds and is continually evolving with the times to include all kinds of businesses.

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