Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

Posted by Timberland Tree Care on May 1st, 2018

Well cared for, healthy trees are a great addition to any landscape. But, a tree that is old and dying from lack of care can be a huge liability, with the risk of fallen limbs, damage to your yard and irrigation system, and more. That’s why it’s important to call on the services of an ISA certified arborist. An arborist’s job is to help you remove unwanted trees safely, but also to help your other trees to thrive via regular trimming and care. Why hire a certified arborist as opposed to the guy down the street who trims trees for cheap? Here are a few of the main reasons.

1. They are up to date on industry best practices

Certified arborists have gone through extensive training and coursework in order to earn their certification. Look for someone who is an ISA certified arborist, which will guarantee that they’ve been trained extensively in tree care and removal. Why hire a certified arborist? Because they know the ins and outs of tree care, and will gladly share that knowledge with you.

2. They offer a wide range of services

A certified arborist has gone through professional training that has equipped them with a whole host of skills. This means that an ISA certified arborist will typically offer all the services you need, including emergency tree services, tree and stump removal, tree trimming, tree planting, and more.

3. They can keep your trees alive

Do you have a tree that’s been struggling?  A certified arborist is a tree doctor of sorts and can offer sound advice on what actions to take to save your tree. It might mean trimming a little more (or a little less), watering more often, or moving the tree to a different location. Whatever the solution, an arborist will offer you professional advice to save you the expense and hassle of having to buy a replacement tree or deal with tree removal and disposal.

4. They are licensed and insured

A lot of things can go wrong when trimming tree limbs. A limb could fall on your roof and cause damage, it could fall on other plants, shrubs, or outdoor furniture, or worse. In short, you need to make sure that you’re hiring someone with professional skills and experience needed in order to prevent such damages. And more importantly, if something were to happen, you need a tree trimmer who is licensed and insured. A certified arborist will be both of those things.

5. They can help you redesign your landscape

Are you looking to add more trees to your landscape? Maybe you were considering a spot by the pool, or one near the front of the house to offer more shade. These kinds of decisions will benefit from the input of an ISA certified arborist, who can warn you of where NOT to place a new tree. Sure, the tree might be small to start, but an arborist knows how deep roots will grow, how large the tree will become, and can effectively anticipate future issues that might arise as the tree takes root.

Why hire a certified arborist? If you want the best for your trees and your home, look for an ISA certified arborist when investing in tree care or removal. You won’t regret it. 

And if you ever need a licensed arborist in Walnut Creek, call Timberland Tree Care. 

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