Japanese fashion culture and its history.

Posted by JMbuttons on May 2nd, 2018

The ancient Japanese made simple garments using the fur of the animals they had captured. Then, with the development of civilization and the influence of communication with other countries, I began to wear clothes made of cloth. After entering the middle ages, it began to form the Japanese fashion that was the prototype of kimono. Among the aristocracy, there was an overlap of clothing and the birth of a very beautiful dress called "twelve". It is the color of the overlapping cloth to express the season and the situation. Between the plebeians, the use of sackcloth, a narrow sleeve, was popular.

 The clothes people wear will change with the development of technology and the influence of The Times. After entering the chaotic world, people began to like to wear clothes that are convenient for the body. Regardless of gender and status, everyone began to wear narrow sleeves. When the influence of western culture began, the color of clothes changed greatly. It is very fashionable to wear a very expensive narrow - sleeve casual dress with patterns. At this time, it gradually began to change to a modern kimono that was long and wide and used a lot of cloth.

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