PoE - A Lot of People Thought Maps were Missing in the Flaskback Event

Posted by james bonds on May 3rd, 2018

Ever since Mayhem I've always run a simple zone tracker at https://poecraft.com/race/zones for rotational races like Turmoil/Mayhem, so this Flaskback event is no different. The page layout is virtually the same. I've moved the filters from the dropdown onto the same line as the search filters and updated the tooltips to say exactly what the mods do. I found a lot of people thought maps were missing because these filters were hidden in the dropdown and persisted through sessions, so faded icons shouldn't obscure like before. The filter looks for any zone with any one of the listed items.

Also, since no leaguestones exist for Abyss and Harbinger, Abyss is represented by a Murderous Abyss Jewel, and Harbinger is represented by Beachhead map. Also Breach now uses the Vaal Breach icon for the hell of it. If anyone has suggestions or think it'd be better to use say the Harbinger orb for Harbinger instead etc, feel free to comment and let the up/downvotes decide.

The new Client.txt listener requires you to drag your Client.txt (found in the logs folder of your Path of Exile game folder) onto the "Drag Client.txt Here" box. You can then register character names and/or guilds that you want to echo to the site. The website will check every 5 seconds for new lines in the file, read the new global chat lines, and if any lines match a character name and/or guild name it'll automatically vote for you. It requires the name/guild registration because I feel it'd be safer to let volunteers "vet" other players, and adding multiple character names could be annoying so the guild can cover that. Note that their messages will count as your votes. There's also no way to correct a vote after its been placed.

When it sees a string from a registered guild/user that looks like "strand perandus exiles spirits", it'll register a vote for Strand having Perandus, Anarchy, and Torment. You can also interchange boxes/strongboxes/ambush and a few other names, though most require the league name. For zones that are repeated like The Twilight Strand, you can do "p1 twilight strand ..." to vote for specifically Part I Twilight Strand. Note that it just scans the first word(s) for the zone name and then every word after is considered a potential league specifier, so it should still detect "strand has exiles ambush and breach" because of this. That being said now that I think of it I should probably filter out comma's too. "The" should be optional from most zones.

If you dislike the bright page, clicking Options in the top right has a Dark Theme. It's light by default, and some people understandably find the brightness hard to look at after starting at the dark game. There might also be some not-so-good colors in either theme, so report them if you find any. U4GM.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe buy currency with instant delivery.

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