Rent Photo booths to make your party more fun and memorable

Posted by Ainsleyaiken on May 3rd, 2018

A photograph is not simply a piece of paper, but a sneak peek at the moments you have lived. It’s a medium to connect with your past self, remember your loved ones and relive life changing moments and events. Sometimes, photos help us figure out what we actually want from life.

Photos taken at major events like birthday parties, graduation party, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries remain as memories for the rest of your life. So having a photo booth at your event is perhaps one of the best ideas!

Why a photo booth?

  • It is for everyone: Young or old, everyone loves to act a little silly once in a while, don’t they! Everyone and anyone can go in a photo booth and enjoy the party a little bit more.
  • It's fun: A photo booth comes with various backgrounds  and funny little props that your guests can choose from. After all, photo editor filters these days are such a cliché!
  • Modern day booths: These days photo booths give out high quality photos and some even have options for your guests to receive soft copies of the photos via email so that they can later share their fun moments on social media.
  • They keep your guests busy: They mingle among themselves and remain engaged in the booths which reduce your stress that comes with trying to entertain and interact with all of them individually.

What are the options?

Toronto has some of the finest photo booth rental companies. They have hourly rental services and attractive schemes to choose from. The photo booths come with a plethora of colorful backgrounds and fun props. They are pre-fitted with powerful flash lights and branded DSLR cameras that capture high quality photos. The quality of paper for final product can also be selected and your guests can also enter their email ids securely in an inbuilt tablet inside the booth. The photos will be mailed out to them eventually. These photo booths fit every occasion, may it be your baby shower or your complete Hollywood style birthday party.

Photo booths have always been in vogue, though not so much in India but abroad. People build new friendships and relations and the photo booths have often played the cupid. One must have a photo booth at an event not just to make it look fancier but also to make it memorable for everyone who attends the event.

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