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Posted by Naveen Jain on May 4th, 2018

When you are planning to host more people in your home, it is always better to have extra seating. This is where arm chairs come into play. These are simple chairs that are placed in a room in a deliberate position to offer more seating. There are two ways you can utilize this chair. You can either make a secondary seating space in your living room or set the chair in such a way that it complements the colours and textures of other existing pieces of furniture, like a sofa or settee.

Arm chairs come in a variety of designs. It can be a large unit, like a club chair or a simple straight back chair with arms such as the rocking chair. The essential thing is that these chairs always work with the other furniture units in the room harmoniously to provide additional seating. The living room is a perfect place of where the arm chairs can come in handy. Here are some basic types of these chairs.

1) Try club chair: You can try this type of arm chair to enhance the beauty of your living area. This is roomy, and have padded seats. It is so comfortable that you are more likely to end up snoozing happily as you engross in an interesting book.

Uses - It can be used as a perfect backup to the living room sofa, or set them in pairs as a cosy nook. It is most likely to have a nail head trim or a beautiful upholstery. It can be used in a kid's or master bedroom easily.

2) Add arm chair's clone- Sleeper chair: You can add the sleeper chair, and people say it is a replica of an arm chair. It is generally upholstered with a small silhouette. Although, it is closer to the ground so that people are comfortable to sit on it.

Uses: You can use them in narrow spaces like hallways and others in your home, where it can be used as extra seating. It can be used in compact living areas besides the coffee tables. It is particularly used by petite people, as the low height of the seat can make it perceptible awkward for tall people.

3) Make things classy by using Occasional Chair: The star features and fabulous appearance of these chairs lay in their shape and style. They have particularly attractive and intricately formed design.

Uses: They are extremely lightweight and so useful when it comes to moving the chair when rearranging the furniture.

4) Get a different look by adding Wing-Back chair: You should thank its tall back and dramatically winged sides because these two features make it very easy to spot. The chair's huge wing-back makes it a perfect partner to a large sofa, and this thing gives the sense of balance in your living room. This can be extremely hard to move due to its size and weight, so plan when you are hosting a party.

Uses: It can work wonderfully next to a fireplace, shielding you from the heat. You can use it as an end chair at the head and base of a dining table. You can add this to your patio or at the poolside to get a classy look.

5) Be elegant by using Rocking Chair: The rocking chair has respectfully gained its place in the contemporary living room. Rocking chairs are generally connected to two curved pieces of wood and give you the freedom to swing back and forth instead of staying in the same position for a long time.

Uses: The rocking motion is the most popular reason for using it as the armchair. They can be used in the living room for extra seating and elegant look.

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