How Did You Get That Much Currency from 65 Maps in PoE

Posted by Richard Betts on May 5th, 2018

First time running this kind of power farm before so I decided to track a few things. Also not sure if I prioritized rolling and sextanting things correctly but here are the results. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

First, here is the loot tab

  • Running uber strict Neversink filter.
  • I picked up all big currency and picked up very little small currency, only when convenient.
  • Skipped all trash uniques except rings and amulets to sell for alch shards.
  • Only picked up red tier maps.
  • Picked up divination cards that showed up on filter.
  • Sold abyss jewels and uniques.
  • Picked up good jewelry bases, vendored trash for alt shards.
  • Found 5-6 Chayula breaches.

Estimated cost of running 65 Elder Haunted Mansions.
About 26ex spent on:

  • 5 Sextants
  • 3 Sac Frags
  • Zana mod
  • 20% chisel
  • Chaos'd til at least 5 mod map
  • Bountiful Traps and Monstrous Treasure

Items sold for chaos that have been added to loot tab. Decent income from selling ilvl83 searching eye jewels. Lycosidae would add another 75c to income. Value of map drops.

Maps were by far the biggest source of income from running the maps, as expected. As a consequence of this, I prioritized having more magic mobs in the map as much as possible to increase my chances of a T16 drop. If the map did not roll more magic monsters, I ran Bloodlines Zana mod.

Interesting thing to note is that the total cost of the Elder Haunted Mansions I bought was about 1900c and the value of the T16s I got in return was 2250c. This suggests that sustaining Elder Haunted Mansions is possible, but most likely not worth it to uncomplete the shaper guardian maps due to losing one sextant slot. Better to flip maps and buy more Elder Haunted Mansions.

Overall currency cop valuation of the tab. A profit of about 5000c - 3300c = 1700c

This comes out to around 26c profit per map. Each map took less than 5 minutes to run, however, sometimes I'd have to double back after the map to pick up drops I'd missed which would add another 2 minutes. I think the most time consuming task was amassing all the materials required to run the maps.

About map rolling and sextant rolling. I rolled sextants for the usual additional mobs modifiers, always rolling over modifiers that did not give additional mobs. I sometimes kept suboptimal additional mobs such as the no reflect damage one and the increased magic packsize. I always attempted to proc prophecies for strongbox quantity rolls. By far the best sextants in my experience were barrels and strongbox quantity. For maps, I rolled for 5 mod maps. If the map had Beyond and no magic I Zana'd Bloodlines, and if it had more magic monsters, I Zana'd Beyond. Occasionally I did Harbinger if I felt like it.

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