What color do I choose for the frame of my prescription glasses?

Posted by rohny01 on May 5th, 2018

When choosing the right color for our perfect frame, we must take into account especially the hair color and our skin tone. The eye color can also help us make a good choice. Opt for half-rim glasses.At dark hair often they left them well dark tones, but also favor them much more intense reds and maroons. People with light hair can choose mounts in softer shades, in the line of pastel colors. For reddish hair tend to favorite colors that go in harmony with your hair, such as reds and oranges. And if your hair color is grey, which is also a trend, you will get good shades that match, such as purple, lilac or silver.

If you have clear skin, opt for frames in nude or pastel tone. The purple and blue tones feel general to people with pink skins. If we take into account the color of eyes at the time of making this decision, there is a difference of opinion about it and semi-rimless glassesare so far the best. Some people think it favors more guided by our eye color and choose a tone that is in that line and who thinks the opposite, that the contrast is the strength, what do you think?

Experts in aesthetic advice for half-rimmed glasses:

Choosing a frame for your prescription glasses takes time. That's why we recommend you go a couple of times. Thus, you will become familiar with all the models that you like and it will be easier to choose. Our experts in aesthetic advice will recommend the model that best suits your image. They will teach you the latest trends in fashion, without forgetting your requirements in visual health, your habits

It's been a while since we left the complexes behind to wear eyeglasses. Nowadays, they have become a complement to go to fashion and highlight our features. But we know that, on many occasions, choosing the glasses that best suit you is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into account: the use we are going to give them, the style, the color, the size ... Whatever the reason you wear prescription glasses, they must be in harmony with your face and personality. The glasses are an accessory that set trends, trends, in the market we find hundreds of models and choosing between all of them can be overwhelming.

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