Things To Know Before Appearing For Your 1st Govt Job Exam

Posted by Nitish Jha on May 6th, 2018

Government Jobs have their own charisma in terms of pay-scale and list of perks and luxuries associated with the same. Considering the level of rising competition, it is important to strategize before appearing for the Govt. Job exams. Yes, you need to read the following post, if you are desirous of working in this sector:

Start Right Away

There is a common sight where aspirants usually wait for the dates to come to start their preparations. In the process, they waste a lot of their precious time. Listen, you need to “gear-up” right from the word “GO”. Remember, if you don’t start preparing initially, there is going to be a huge number of aspirants who are already doing and will surely have an edge over you.

Time Management

Mostly, aspirants can be heard complaining that the paper was long or they wasted more time on one section, resulting in leaving the other questions.

Do you know that the Govt. Job Exams necessitate you to take the aspect of time management very seriously?

The biggest question is not,

  • Whether you know or not,


  • Whether you can manage your time in attempting all the questions?

Yes, that’s where these “brain teaser” questions necessitate you to adopt TIME MANAGEMENT STRATEGY. You should know the extent of time, which you have to give for each section and question.

Know your strength and weakness

Do you know, during preparations, most of the students devote unnecessarily long time with their favorite subjects by going multiple revisions and practices?

Yes, it does happen with majority of aspirants giving little regard to the weak subjects, which are just revised for the sake of it.

Infact, you should give more time to weaker subjects, in clearing concepts and make them at par with your “other” subjects.

Give A Practical Check To Your Studies Everyday

You have studied for the day and now, it is the time to sleep. But, wait!!!! Perform a test (by attempting questions) relating with what you studied on the specific day. It will give you a practical approach whether you have actually understood things, or it is just a half-baked knowledge.

Your General Knowledge Is Important

Yes, if it is a government job, then you should be thoroughly prepared with your General Knowledge. You should polish your current knowledge, read books related with current affairs and know important dates. Similarly, as the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, so practice and revise. You will need mock tests or previous years papers to strengthen your knowledge, do that as well. Similarly, there are online series which greatly help you to give sizeable amount of knowledge too.

Be confident

Finally, your confidence is important. Believe in yourself. The exam hall is like a battle field, where different aspirants have come to give their shot, so maintain your “cool”. It is the important day which you have been waiting. So, don’t give-in to pressure as there is a saying, “Fortune Favors the Brave”, so be brave and give your best shot.

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