Skills when equipped in poe currency

Posted by limmzhou on May 7th, 2018

Skill gems: These include an attack, spell, projectile, or trap/mine. Support gems: These gems modify supportable skills when equipped in poe currency a linked socket (one that has a line drawn to some other socket). The support gem must be compatible with all the stone at the linked socket in order to have an effect. As an example, a service gem that affects projectiles will not do anything to some connected melee attack gem. Ensure that your linked jewels are compatible!

Equipped gems also level up as you make XP, getting ten percent of their foundation XP granted from monster kills. Your personality encounters an XP penalty when revisiting lower level regions, but that punishment does not apply to gems. So you can quickly level gems by replaying areas which are a few levels lower than your existing degree.

Don't pick up every single piece of loot you find

Every part of loot you acquire takes up varying amounts of room in your bag. To take as many possible things at the same time, you need to poe trade move things around and squeeze items into the allotted spaces. Even then, your bag is likely to fill up quickly in the event that you pick up each and every thing you encounter.

The trick, then, would be to dismiss things your character can't use or are of low price. Item rarity is indicated by colours: White: Norma,Blue: Magic,Yellow: Rare, Orange: Unique.

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