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The new car wiper has not heard that the scrapping is not clean , but we often run into a new wiper that we just replaced and run for a while . Although the problem is not great , it is still very annoying . It is inconvenient if it is rainy days . The same is true of my car , and the problem of scratching does not always appear . After the last time a friend that worked in the topexwiper for many years analyzed the reason , not only didn't change the 
 bar , it was as clean as the new car wiper blades . 
The reason why the scrapping is not clean : A friend of topexwiper told me that there is mainly invisible dirt on the glass . First , the car stopped at the downwind of the central air-conditioning cool tower . The cold water tower shattered the particles of water and dropped it on the glass to form a small white spot . After drying , it was difficult to completely remove it .
Second , the car was parked under a tree and the insects secret it . The mucus sticks to the glass of the car ; the third is the mucus of insects that crash at long distances . Because these things stick to the glass , they are hardly completely removed (but not visible ) from water and a cloth , and a rugged surface is formed into the glass . In this way , when the wiper is used , the glass is not cleanly scraped . Seeing the above reasons , many of my friends never thought about it just like me ! At the time , I was also surprised that the friend that had worked at the topexwiper had given me a measure to share with everyone : soak the glass of water and gently touch the glass by hand . If the glass surface is not smooth , there is a foreign object .
When you clear it , you can try to wipe it with warm water several times and then gently rub it with your hands . You can also use the newspaper to remove these hard-to-remove dirts little by little . The effect is good . After the water is washed , touch the glass of your hands . Very smooth . At this point , open the wiper to try . It's very clean . Owners with such conditions can try . Includes a flat wiper blade
Topexwiper's working friends share that : The above experience may not be suitable for other situations in which the front gear is not clean . If there is no feeling of unevenness after touching the glass , you may need to change the wiper strip .

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