Future and Growth of Wearable Apps

Posted by Juned Ahmed on May 7th, 2018

As technology is advancing, the demands of users are also changing, and to meet these changing demands; app development services need to be enhanced. The futuristic web technology has now moved from developing mobile app wearable app design to smart watches and glasses. Wearable technology has become the buzzword and is gaining storm clouds in technology circles. Experts have predicted that though, currently, the price of wearables is much more than that of smartphones or tablets, in the time to come, they will all come on the same platform.

A wearable app development company in USA that offers cutting-edge wearable devices app development services to engage customers in a way that will be relished by future generations is capable of fulfilling the needs of the customers, business, and enterprise. As wearable apps are taking over all industries, be it a lifestyle, fashion, fitness, healthcare, retail, financial services, travel, media, entertainment, gaming or utilities, developers need to exceed all expectations. For this, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest wearable app trends in a way similar to mobile app development trends. By staying updated, you can thus add new features and functionalities to your app to gain an advantage in the digital curve.

Wearables apps will highly influence the gaming industry

It is not uncommon to see people hooked with Google wearable or the Apple’s smartwatch and enjoying their favourite games with the device tied to their wrist. This increasing popularity of wearable games is bound to surpass the craze for cricket or football apps. The ubiquity, ease of use, and catchy interface of these wearable game apps give a real experience to the players, and they need to be ready for bigger challenges in the near future. The revenue of mobile games is bound to shoot with the introduction of wearables.

A focus will be more on app discoverability and user interactivity of wearable apps

Wearable apps need to be designed in such a manner that they can be easily distinguished from mobile apps so that they can be connected easily to other devices for data transfer. Thus, the wearable apps are made more compact so that they can be made visible due to their small size. The user interactivity of the wearable app is also equally important and can be enhanced by adding some important features like single swipe, one tap, etc. These useful features redefine smartness and save a lot of time and effort on the part of the user as the user doesn’t need to tap every time to search anything. However, the rest of the strategy related to app development trends remains almost same throughout the development process. These changes are prevalent in the current wearable app trends and will be further enhanced in the future.

Healthcare industry will also exhibit evident changes with wearable apps

Wearable devices are being increasingly used by patients suffering from different ailments to seek efficient health advise. Wearable apps are also being used as important equipment to check vital parameters like blood pressure, heartbeat, sugar levels, etc. and suggests preventive measures the concerned patient should adhere to. Along with maintaining digital records for the patients, these wearables also aid in the diagnosis of illness. In the coming years, developers should get ready to witness more advanced wearable apps that will devise new ways to help the healthcare providers and the patients further.

Use of IoT with wearables will make them still smarter

Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology innovation that is taking over most of the mobile apps. The integration of IoT to wearables will lead to the innovation of a series of smart products at home and in offices, that can be controlled using wearables from almost anywhere. Just imagine, having the control of all the electronic equipment of your home and office in your watch and being able to switch them on or off on the way in case you leave them on in a hurry or want to switch them on before opening the door of your room or office. Other business or home tasks can also be done easily and efficiently using IoT technology in combination with wearables.

Amalgamation of GPS technology with wearables is a boon

Global positioning system (GPS) technology doesn’t need any introduction today due to its vast popularity. Taxi booking services, online shopping tracking, finding specific directions while travelling are some of the commonly used function of GPS being used in integration with mobile apps. However, integrating this technology with wearable devices and apps will make location tracking and travel planning much easier to handle.

Beacon technology when used in conjunction with wearables will open new avenues

The travel and retail industry, at present, has become increasingly dependent on Wi-Fi and location-based beacon apps and wearable devices are not far from catching up with this technology for opening new avenues. Moreover, other industries will also be taking advantage of wearables used in conjunction with beacon technology to expand their horizons. A strong customer base, mapping facility for large stores, and exploration of new destinations by travellers are being provided effectively using this beacon technology. These experiences will be enhanced further using wearables that can be linked to Wi-Fi and hotspots.

Smartwatches will make bill payments much easier

People have been using personal computers and laptops for making online payments since long now, followed by payment gateways and mobile applications that made monetary transactions still more simple. Wearable apps give a more innovative approach to online payments by making smartwatches capable of making payments through Apple Pay or Google Wallet and processing them faster. This is bound to boost the eCommerce business largely as it is based on online transactions.

The security of data in wearables will be strengthened

As wearable devices will be acting like smartphones in the future, the security of data becomes indispensable, and app developers will need to pay more attention to providing an extra layer of security to the data.

Final thoughts
Wearable devices with their future apps will transform things around on a large scale. Developers need to stay updated with the latest and upcoming trends after a certain period of time as the new technology is being introduced at a faster pace now than ever before. So, you need to be prepared beforehand because like the mobile app development industry, the wearable apps also have a competitive road ahead.

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