Mother sheds 100kg in incredible weight loss transformation

Posted by kuailai99 on May 7th, 2018

The metaphorical and literal weight of being severely obese can cause major disruptions to a person’s everyday life. To get more weight loss news, you can visit shine news official website.
 For Shari Ware, the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating when she weighed her heaviest at 180kg.  However, the inspirational mother has since transformed her life, healthily losing more than 100kg over the course of a few years and setting up her own business in the process. Ware, who lives in Southport in Queensland, Australia, used to have a very unhealthy relationship with food.
 “My biggest issue was mainly that I used to eat too much of rice, pasta and bread,” she told “I ate them more often than is healthy and my portion sizes were way too big because I loved those foods so much.” Eating any kind of food in excess can have its downfalls, with Ware confessing to her daughter that she felt profusely embarrassed of her overweight physique.Her highest recorded weight was 170.2kg. However, Ware is sure that her weight reached a high of at least 180kg. In 2010, she reached a point at which she knew it was time to turn her life around.
During the first year of her weight loss journey, Ware managed to shed 10kg by following a more wholesome diet and becoming more active.By the second year she had lost another 50kg, followed by a further 35kg the year after. Ware managed to lose approximately 100.5kg in total and has since released a book called Fat to Fabulous: Diet Free Weight Loss for Real Women.  “On a daily basis nowadays, I eat lots of fresh vegetables, some fresh fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats,” she said.  “I continue to educate myself and continue to make changes one at a time to create a healthier life.”Last year, Ware founded the Why Weight Loss Institute to help others achieve their own health aspirations as a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. “I no longer worry about being an embarrassment to anyone, including my daughter,” she said. “And I wake up every day with joy instead of dread because I no longer cry out in pain when I put my feet on the floor for the first time."

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