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Posted by Car Show Depot on May 8th, 2018

Trade shows present a chance to showcase your products and services to specific consumers looking for what you are selling. But all around, there are other businessmen offering the same products and services you are selling. How do you make your booth stand out from among these competitors? Colourful banners will do the job of drawing clients to you.

In the past, trade show banners were just hung on the walls or in front of the business table. While it is true that a pleasing personality can magnetize potential clients, banners would spruce up your nook showing people that you are serious about your field of expertise. There are many types of these flags available.

People may not know it but these Trade Show Banners are not alike. Some are made of vinyl or tarpaulin printed with a digital image. These materials have the luster that makes it look sleek. The printing itself is capable of full colors and can replicate text & graphics as well as high-resolution photographs. Graphic artists use powerful attention-grabbing images for these banners.

But there is another type of banner being used that is more expensive. This banner material was created for the purpose of trade shows. It is generally referred to as Super Smooth for its texture, which is glossy & sleek, especially while viewed closely. The extra expense would denote that you are classy and tasteful, making you stand out from the others. It's worth the investment.

Another type is the flexible plastic banner, made of a plastic film that could be printed with full colours on its photo-receptive surface. They are lightweight and easily stored & transported.Then there is the last type of banner which is printed on polyester cloth. This type is not yet being used widely. The equipment being used is made specifically for custom flags. You see, it uses a different type of ink and has to be dried in its own oven. You can also use these supplies for Good Guys Car Show.

Not only do trade show banners have better quality but there are also a lot of manners of displaying Classic Cars. The most common is hanging them on your booth wall. But you can also have miniature versions to be displayed on your business table top. You can also use portable banner stands. These retractable frames are lightweight and convenient that can be carried effortlessly from one show to another. There is a spring-loaded roller at the bottom where the banner is rolled up. Just pull the banner out & fastens it to the hook on top and you are all set.

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