Mobile Sleep Studies Help in Understanding Sleep Apnea Issues

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Mobile Sleep Studies Help in Understanding Sleep Apnea Issues

Sleep is important for human beings. Good sleep is always essential to maintain natural body metabolism. When we sleep well our body gets refreshed by relaxing our brain, refueling our body cells and getting an overall rest for tissues and muscles.If a person feels uneasy, has much sweating, is unable to breathe through the mouth or nose properly, or has their sleeping interrupted, they should undergo clinicalmobile sleep studies test, and learn about sleep apnea treatments. These obstacles within the body are curable with various therapeutic and surgical treatments.

What Is Apnea

The word apnea is used for breathing related interruption during sleep. Other related terms used with apnea are hypopnoea, dipsomania, Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which can be discovered by sleep apnea test Amarillo TX.

Main Cause of Apnea in Humans

The Aging Factor: These types of sleep disorders are mostly seen in older adults. Since aging is one of the factors that cause obstacles in the respiratory area; it is just associated with normal life.

Obesity: This is the accumulation of excess fats under the skin. However, when the neck area is fleshy, it can put pressureon the normal respiratory functions around the throat and cause free air flow to be blocked.

Hereditary in Family: If OS Ais prevalent with either of your parents, there are also chances for you to get apnea at an earlier stage. There are different types of blockages found in the upper airway, which do not allow the free flow of air. This is one of the causes of snoring, which can have varied noises due to blocked air flow between the neck and mouth area.

Diabetic Patients: The OSA is common in people with bothtypes of diabetes. This is also one of the symptoms of benign diabetics. The OSA related issue seems to be found more in Type II Diabetic person. Diabetes can affect the blood sugar level, neuropathic, hypertension,and obesity. In such cases, a more timely sleep test will help show you if you are in TypeI or Type II stage.

Hormonal Changes:While adult men have the most chances of getting Apnea, women may experience OSA once menopause is over. For women, it is mostly associated with the end stage of menopause. There are also few hormonal changes that can happen later in life that cause the ENT areas to get disturbed and create obstacles that prevent breathing while asleep.

Unhealthy Habits In Human Beings: People who smoke are more likely to get apnea. This is because tobacco smoke damages the tissue in the lungs and throat and mouth. Drinking alcohol is also very dangerous since it can relax the muscles in your body, and especially the throat, which could disrupt sleep.

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