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Posted by Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery on May 8th, 2018

Blepharoptosis or ptosis is a medical condition in which the upper eyelids start drooping. This, in turn, causes the margins of the upper lids to droop as well, which impairs the vision because the eyelid completely or partially obstructs sight.

Ptosis can be of various kinds. In children, this condition is usually congenital, acquired, or aponeurotic. In some cases, it can also occur as a result of a trauma or some neurological issue. Because of obstructed vision, the patients who suffer from ptosis usually raise their eyebrows for a proper sight. Children might also adopt a chin-up position for this purpose.

The surgery for ptosis is said to be cosmetic as well as a reconstructive procedure, because the appearance of the face and the symmetry of the eyes is also very important. Even a mild difference in the placement of the upper eyelids of the patient can make the entire face to look disproportionate. As the cosmetic aspect of the procedure is equally critical, it is very necessary that the surgeon, who is going to do the ptosis surgery, has to be well versed with both the possible aspects of the treatment.

The surgery for ptosis is performed over the levator muscle. In this surgery, this muscle is tightened, so that the eyelid is pulled back. In the frontalis sling surgery, the brow muscles are attached to the eyelid muscle by using an artificial material.

Although droopy eyelids might not seem like a very serious problem, but it can obstruct vision. A good Ptosis surgeon is someone who will be able to understand that you do not just want to get treated for cosmetic purposes, but also because it will clear the vision.

One of the best doctors for Ptosis treatment, Dr. Debraj Shome, works at the Esthetic Clinics, and has the requisite credentials. But the most important factor that you need to consider in the Ptosis surgeon is his ability to bring to reality your vision of your appearance. The best Ptosis surgeon in India will not only make the end results to be as symmetrical as possible, he will also make that you have got the desired appearance. That is why more and more people are going to consult a doctor in order to get rid of this issue.

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