Appoint a Caretaker to reduce the risk of falling for seniors!

Posted by Jessica Beak on May 9th, 2018

Most people don’t understand the importance of home care for the senior members. They don’t consider it until a crisis hits or something serious happens and when emotions are at a high time, there are no times for proper vetting. So, why to indulge you in this situation when you can prevent these emergencies by opting home care services. Elders can easily fall because of various reasons. Researchers say, in every 11th second, an older adult is treated in an emergency because of fall whereas, in every 19th min, an older dies.

A family member cannot always observe the senior member of life, so it is better to go for a caretaker. You can search for a home care service in Maryland on the internet. They not only keep the floor clean but also help the individual in almost everything. Majority of falls by seniors take place in the bathroom and staircases. Here are some tips that can help you in maintaining proper health:

Physical Health

  • Getting regular medical checkups is the first basic step and especially vision and hearing tests as elders are more likely to have the issue with eyes and ears.  
  • Take medicines always on time.
  • Exercise can also be very beneficial to keep the body fit in old age too. It maintains the posture, bone mass as well as cardiac health of the body.

Home Safety

  • In Staircases: Falls are more likely to happen in staircases so you must ensure that steps are in good condition and not have a slippery surface. Keep the stairs clean and ensure adequate lighting.
  • In Kitchen: keep all the necessary things required within easy reach, so one doesn’t have to stretch so much. It is always advised to keep heavy items at lower cupboards.
  • In Bathroom: another major area where care is required. Install grab bars near the toilet and bathroom. Have a rubber mat in the tub or shower.

Having a caretaker in the home is the best idea to follow these tips. You can get home care services in Maryland easily. Caregivers can drive to doctors, assist with medications. It does not end here, they make sure old person doesn’t feel like old and stay happy. They provide a well companionship by having the lively conversation and playing cards or board games.

There are many home health care services providers in Beltsville MD and one such as who can help you in getting the right caretaker for your elderly or disabled loved ones.

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