How to Buy a Cat Scratching Post

Posted by abigaylemark on May 9th, 2018

Having a lovely cat is a joy and a responsibility as well. Cats need a long list of supplies in order to be healthy and happy such as food, litter, toys, bed, grooming brush, Cat Scratching Post, etc. It is useful to know from the very start that buying a suitable Cat Scratcher is a must in order to save your furniture and your shoes from getting damaged.

Cats love to scratch, it is in their nature and if they do not have a scratching post that they enjoy using they will find other items in your house they can use to this end. A well-adjusted, happy cat needs a Cat Scratcher that satisfies her urge to scratch and that will save your furniture and carpets from getting damaged. It is normal for a cat to scratch and the good thing about scratching posts is that they can also be used for stretching and exercising. Cat owners who want to keep their precious pets healthy and happy should not hesitate to invest in a suitable device.

When it comes to scratching posts you have lots of options and it is entirely up to you to decide how much you can afford to spend on this item. When you search for a suitable post one of the first things you will have to decide on is the material you prefer. Some people prefer posts made of corrugated cardboard, which are affordable from a financial point of view, easy to replace and cats find them appealing. These are an excellent option for first time cat owners. Moving on, some posts are covered with sisal rope and although these are pricier than cardboard ones they are longer lasting and your cat can use them for years. There are also posts covered with carpeting for the carpet serves the same purpose as the sisal.

Once you have chosen the most suitable material for the Cat Scratching Post the next aspect you will have to consider is the sturdiness and the stability of the post. Cats will not scratch if the post they use doesn’t stay upright and this is why you should look for a device with a sturdy base, one that won’t move when the cat scratches. Also, you should not ignore the height of the post because cats enjoy reaching upward; it is recommended to purchase a taller post that enables the cat to stretch as much as it wants. The ideal height is a post that is at least half as tall the cat.

Last and this is an aspect ignored by most cat owners is the location of the post. Believe it or not but this matters for your cat and it is best to put the post in the most used room in the house. Regardless of the type of post you decide to buy for your precious cat, you should pay attention to the above mentioned guidelines in order to ensure that it caters to your pets innate need to scratch and claw.

Do you need a Cat Scratcher for your precious pet? It is our pleasure to put at your disposal affordable and efficient Cat Scratching Post that your cat can enjoy for many years to come.

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