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Posted by Richard Betts on May 10th, 2018

If Bestiary is simply going to be too much work to design into a more core mechanic in the pure game I won't argue, nor am I making suggestions to how to "fix" something. But I did want to explain why I am sad something I hate is gone.

I think a lot of what torpedoed the league were bugs, poorly documented mechanics, and unfinished mechanics. IMO the takeaway for Chris and GGG in general from this league is that content has to be polished and free of content breaking bugs prior to league start. It's not enough to mostly fix issues three weeks in. Do you want to buy poe items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

For a long time in PoE leagues have had a safe formula:

  • There is an trigger.
  • 1 to 3 groups of mobs spawn around trigger.
  • Gain currency explosion and league specific currency.
  • Potentially use league items to spawn 1 of 4 league bosses.

This formula is part of the reason I left PoE. Bestiary didn't do this, of all the faults I have with this league it had some great concepts that died on execution.

  • Like invasion the mobs were not avoidable and had competitive movement speed.
  • It made the mob itself have more meaning rather than the loot it becomes.
  • Allowed an increased variety of mob spawns in a zone.
  • Allowed players an alternative crafting option than the currency lottery.
  • Added depth to existing beasts and old invasion mobs creating a larger meaning between mob types.


  • There was a bug revolving around beastcrafting that allowed people to dupe enchantments and extremely rare elder/shaper bases like opal rings. This was fixed relatively quickly after ~12 hours, but it did a lot of damage to community morale.
  • There was a bug that was never fixed that allowed capturing beasts to silently fail when it shouldn't, making capturing everything essentially impossible without reading up on the bug and fixing things yourself by jumping through a bunch of unfun hoops.
  • The Bestiary crafting section was released with a TON of usability issues. Some of these were fixed, but there are still many remaining usability issues which makes the whole prospect of crafting daunting. his formula is part of the reason I left PoE.

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