Carbonated fruit drinks?Chill In A Healthy Way

Posted by aimsbeverages on May 10th, 2018

Carbonated drinks are very popular round the world for their refreshing quality. They are also known to quench our thirst . But they lack in the key nutrients which are required by our body. Fruit drinks on the other hand, are full of the goodness of fruit and the nourishing properties. But they too lack the fizziness of the aerated drinks. A mind blowing idea would be to fuse the healthy elements of the fruit drinks and fizz of the carbonated drinks into one single bottle and present it to the customers.

Carbonated  fruit drinks

Fruit based carbonated beverages is a new idea altogether which puts the nutritional elements and goodness of the fruits together with the carbonation effect without harming the natural pigments and natural flavours of the fruit.


A lot of ingredients are used for the preparation of carbonated fruit drinks. 90 percent of the drink consists of carbonated water. Then we have a sweetener. Citric acid or ascorbic acid is also added for the tartness . Nearly 10 percent of the drink is the fruit juice or the fruit pulp of that particular flavour. Preservatives are also added.

Process of Manufacture

Meeting the demand of the customers is a hectic job and meeting the standards of various regulatory bodies is a must for safety reasons. The manufacture of carbonated fruit drinks is maintained through the following steps.

  • A fruit juice is provided as a base ingredient.
  • The juice is then cooled to a temperature of 34°F to 38°F.
  • The cooled juice is then carbonated at a carbonation rate of 2.4 to 3.4 volumes.
  • The juice is then sealed into bottles and sent for pasteurization.
  •  The sealed bottles are passed through a tunnel pasteurizer at a temperature of 145 to 185°F.

Either one of the following of natural flavour and colouring, artificial flavours and colouring and vitamins fortified content.

ffsai standards

Earlier ffsai guidelines did not include the definition and quality standards for carbonated fruit drinks. In the 11th amendment, ffsai clearly defines the set standards for this drink. It says that beverages with fruit juice not below 10 percent but not less than 5 percent, and 2.5 percent in case of lime and lemon should be called carbonated fruit juice.

Almost 35 percent of the fruits and vegetables in our country is wasted due to lack of proper processing and storage facilities.  Our PM has taken a new innovative in this direction. He has asked the multinational beverage companies to add fruit content to their drinks, which has already developed a whooping market. This step has definitely helped our farmers a lot.


Carbonated drinks quench our thirst but lack the health content. In addition , their sweeteners contain high dosage of sugar unfit for the body. On the other hand adding fruit content ensures that the nutritional value is derived from the drink along with the refreshment.

 Therefore opt healthy, opt smart!

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