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Posted by John Smith on May 10th, 2018

Diamond certificates can be invaluable documents showing in detail a diamond's credentials. They offer an exclusive fingerprint of a diamond which is a basis of essential detail to the skilled gemologist, jeweler and customer. When it comes to purchasing white diamonds, it is significant to make sure that you purchase a certified one. A certified diamond not only makes sure you are receiving worth of your money, it also way that the diamond you bought is best diamond quality. There are several organizations involved in certification. In all likelihood, the names you'll come across most often are the AGS and the GIA.

We can do Ruby testing in Pakistan. A diamond certification is a full precious stone perfection report issued by a credited free gemological workshop. The debate over diamond certification and grading is not new, but the increasing growth of Internet diamond jewelry sales has fired up this debate and brought it to the consumer's doorstep. A diamond is the hardest and toughest stone in the world, and nothing can break it. Diamond jewelry shoppers are overwhelmed by information, some accurate, some not, but mostly confusing.

Galaxy gemological Institute was recognized in 2013 as a Gemological institute in Pakistan also the training center for Gems & Jewellery. Many jewelry stores will perform a free heat test to your diamonds. During this test, they will heat it up for a few seconds and see if it holds the heat. If you've never heard of the institution that is offering a grading report, don't hesitate to ask about its credentials. A diamond’s cut is the most significant C of all of the four C's. When a diamond is a fine cut it reflects and bends light to the greatest degree. Just as you wouldn't want to buy a diamond without looking at it first, you wouldn't want to make a purchase without going over the certificate.

The greatest way to know is to acquire it certified, or purchase certified white diamonds. The diamond certification is one technique diamond dealers are differentiating their items. When creating an investment in a very well quality diamond it should be certified by a qualified independent gemological institute and of course, buy from a reputable dealer. Our laboratory established in 2013. Our lab also situated in heart of jewellery market and Karachi gems. Gem Galaxy lab is established in Pakistan for seal gemstones and diamonds. Gem galaxy lab is known in the genuine decision.

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