Pest infestation: warning signs that homeowners cannot overlook

Posted by Cynthia Madison on May 10th, 2018

Whether we are talking about restaurants or hospitals, rodents can squeeze through tiny holes and eat everything they meet in their path, including decaying material. During their restless travels, mice leave behind trails of urine, thus transmitting pathogens, which can lead to numerous diseases. However, rodents are not the only ones wreaking havoc on both residential and commercial buildings. Bed bugs in apartments and condominiums represents a common issue that pest control companies must address. Over a half of homeowners deal with ant infestation during a certain period of the year, thus becoming the number one nuisance. Termites and mosquitos also cause distress in many happy families by damaging property structures and transmitting potentially deadly diseases. Shortly, pest infestation affects people’s health and wealth. For this reason, resorting to pest control in Forest Gate is crucial for tackling these types of problems.


Do not panic; call a professional

Nevertheless, a question inevitably arises: what are the tell-tale signs of a pest infestation? Should you start looking for lines of ants on windowsills or near baseboards? Should you suspect your pet of getting fleas if he keeps scratching himself or biting his lower legs? Should you worry if you spot wasps near the trash bin? What should you do if you hear running or scratching sounds in walls or see shredded paper? Should you start panicking if you notice bite marks on your body after waking up in the morning? Well, panicking is not the most adequate attitude when dealing with an ant, flea, roach, rodent or mosquito infestation. The wisest decision that you could make is opting for professional services. Pest control is not something that you, as a homeowner, can handle because you lack the knowledge, experience and the equipment necessary. Obviously, benefiting from such services demands a financial investment, but it is worth it taking into account the amount of damage such an infestation could cause to your family’s health or property structure.

Tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a pest infestation

Performing a detailed home inspection periodically will help you spot the warning signs of a potential pest infestation and take immediate action. These signs mainly include grimy buildup, very unpleasant smells, fabric damage and droppings. It does not matter the type of pest infestation you are facing, you will most likely find a complete mess in the attic or basement because these are two places lacking foot traffic, which makes them spiders bugs and rodents’ favorite hanging out spots. This is because such pests prefer those enclosed, humid and dark areas of the house. Of course, they occasionally come out in order to get some food that they quietly carry off into their hiding. The unfinished meals begin to rot leading to those bad odors. If you notice fabric damage, do not immediately think about moths because ants, beetles and bugs can do the same thing. As for droppings, they are quite obvious. 

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