How to recover the forgotten Gmail password

Posted by Roger Ferdrer on May 11th, 2018

Today we will see what options you have to recover the password of your Gmail account, in case you have forgotten it. This password is really the one in your Google account, and it is useful for many other services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Play and other applications on an Android mobile, etc. If for more than tests you cannot log in with your Gmail account, you will know how frustrating it can be to stay out of your own email. Luckily, there are several methods to recover your password, although not all will be available depending on how cautious you have been when creating and configuring your account. First of all, do not panic. The account is yours and therefore you should be able to recover it, with more or less effort. Before giving it up for lost and launching to create a new account and assume a new identity, try the following methods. All of them start from the same starting point, click on Have you forgotten your password?, After typing the wrong password.

1. Recover by typing the last password

2. Recover with your Android mobile

3. Retrieve by SMS or call

4. Recover with alternative email

5. Retrieve with security question

6. If all of the above fails 

When none of the above methods has served you, you will reach the last page of the form. Here you can only put another email that you can check, either from Gmail or another. You should check it after clicking Next, because Google will send you an email there with a code to determine what is an account under your control. If you still find problems in recovery, you can call Gmail customer service number for further assistance. 

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