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A craps hedge bets are done when betting is split to two smaller bets in order to decrease the chances of losing. Even though hedging is not a recommended bet, it can be used in order to get smaller prizes and stay longer with an initially small cash sum. Craps hedge betting is typically used in the come out role.

To make the hedge, you need to first place a pass line bet, let's say of $10. You then also make a $2 bet on the any craps. If the shooter throws 2 -3 or 12, then you lose your $10 pass line bet but win $14 for the any craps bet. If the shooter throws any other number the $2 any craps bet will be lost.

Another option is to use the craps hedge for the point and then don?t pass line. To do this type of bet, you first bet $10 on the Don't Pass line. Now the shooter rolls a 6, and this number becomes the point. Then you make a place bet on the six for $6, so you are covered both ways. If the next roll is 7, you will win $10 for the Don't Pass bet and will lose $6 for the place bet. If the shooter rolls a 6, you lose your $10 and collect $7 for your place bet.

Craps hedge bets are not a bad option if your trying to avoid a loss in an online craps game, so getting to know how to make them is a step in the right direction of learning online craps skills.


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