Benefits of Using A Web Based Teradata Client Tool

Posted by Mike Shah on May 11th, 2018

Teradata is one of the leading tools for business analytics and data analytics solutions. Its relational database management system is widely preferred by enterprises looking for a dependable commercial database due to its ability to store huge amounts of data. It can handle data in terabyte sizes, too, making it economical for data warehousing and other related applications. If you are using it, you will find it easier to manage with a Teradata client, preferably one that is web-based. A good Teradata SQL client will leverage the administrative capabilities of your team by enabling easier access to the relational database. 

Teradata client tools allow you to create SQL queries and deliver it to a database and explore the results right on your web browser. This way, there is no need to install software on every machine in your workplace. This ease in access may enable quicker decision-making and fulfillment of tasks from anywhere. As long as you choose a high-quality client tool for Teradata, you can be sure that you are getting an intuitive and feature-rich SQL editor that will serve as a good alternative to the database platform. It may have more features than Teradata itself, too. 

Business intelligence analysts and data warehouse developers are among the professionals that can find the web-based Teradata client tool useful for their daily tasks. It lets them browse database schemas, build and run SQL queries, generate SQL scripts, and create and schedule reports. The web-based data editor and view manager simplifies relational database management and the fulfillment of administrative tasks, such as browsing, filtering, and viewing data, as well as exporting the data into different formats. The same tool lets you count the total rows and gain SQL for view definition. And because the client tool is completely online, it is simpler to insert, delete, update, or create data, and update or blob data at anytime, anywhere. 

All these benefits show how practical a web-based Teradata client platform can be. It offers more functions for Teradata, like the application of an advanced data filter to the table and view data with only a few clicks. Table data can be exported into insert, PDF, CSV, and HTML formats using the online export data function, and you can import data in CSV format directly into the tables. 

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This article is written by the CTO of Datasparc Inc. It is an online web-based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offer DBHawk™ – a web-based SQL tool & self-service business intelligence software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases. 

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