Top 5 Reasons You Should Get an Online MongoDB GUI Tool

Posted by Mike Shah on May 11th, 2018

Your business may prefer MongoDB for your database management for reasons such as being an open-source and cross-platform database program, which is document-oriented and free. It is a NoSQL database program that runs JSON-like documents with schemas. Having a MongoDB GUI tool simplifies the usage and management of the platform, especially when you want to boost productivity and minimize downtime at work. 

Here are five reasons why the MongoDB client can be a practical investment for your business: 

1. Manage your databases from any computer - Traditionally, you would have to install MongoDB into every computer that will be used for your database management. However, the MongoDB GUI tool completely eliminates that, as it can be accessed from a web browser. Rest assured, access is secure and will not put your data at risk. 

2. It is an intuitive platform – A high-quality MongoDB GUI tool is an intuitive, web-based platform that lets you browse and query full documents and databases. Querying is simpler with an advanced drag-and-drop builder and an SQL query writer. There are features that make it easier to view JSN data, browse GridFS, and edit MongoDB data. It should allow you to export and import CSV or JSON data, build a new collection, or connect to mLab or Atlas, too. 

3. It comes with the MongoDB Shell – The MongoDB GUI tool shell is a web-based, interactive command interface for updating and querying data, and for conducting administrative operations. Using the shell, client, you can open as much shells as you need to complete several operations simultaneously. It is possible to run a lot of command statements, too. 

4. Online utilities make things easier – You can explore collection data in a new tab and copy and create duplicate collections. You may open a find statement in the tool’s shell, and it only takes a right-click to do all these. 

5. Try before you by – Some providers and developers of a good MongoDB GUI tool can give you a demo and a free trial of their product, so you can explore all the features and see for yourself how it can be practical for your business. Take advantage of those offers to get a feel for the user interface and experience how easy it is to use. 

About the Author: 

This article is written by the CTO of Datasparc Inc. It is an online web-based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offer DBHawk™ – a web-based SQL tool & self-service business intelligence software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases. 

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