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As per the current market trends and the promising nature of the global choline market, it can be estimated that the future holds positive outcomes. In order to provide a deep insight about the concerned market, Fact.MR would be publishing a resourceful analysis that will enclose knowledge about the regional market size, revenue and opportunity status. Readers will be offered the privilege to decode various facets of the market during the period “2018 to 2027”, together with the active access to secondary and primary research methodology. Furthermore, various segments of the market associated to product, application, end-user etc., would also be present in this intelligent research report.

Animal Feed, Dietary Supplement, Infant Formula Fuelling Growth of the Global Choline Market

With the greater physiological importance of the choline metabolites for maintenance of good health, the global market for choline is projected to grow steadily in the near future. Choline is one of the essential nutrients which is naturally found in plants as well as animals. While humans can naturally synthesize choline, dietary consumption is necessary as its metabolites are indispensable for maintaining good health. Further, choline-containing animal feed have been studied to enhance the qualitative yield of the poultry industry. Commercial choline is usually available in form of its salts such as chloride, and bitartrate as well as esters such as phosphocholine and phosphatidylecholine. Infant formula and dietary supplements also include choline as an important ingredient. With this, the global market for choline is estimated to grow steadily during the review period.    

The Global Animal Feed Industry to Present Lucrative Opportunities

In the global food industry, animal feed plays an essential role, generating the annual turnover of approximately US$ 400 billion by global commercial feed manufacturing sector, as per the data of the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF). According to the estimations of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), there is a need for 60% more food production by 2050 and need of feed production is expected even more. Owing to the rising demand for animal protein, meat production will grow twofold and that of fish and dairy will grow by three-fold by 2050. Choline, in particular, choline chloride, is one of the important supplement added to the animal feed which accelerates the growth of pet animals such as chicken, rabbit, pig, and mice. Future growth of animal feed industry is likely to translate in generation of lucrative opportunities for the global choline market.

Dietary Supplements Sector to Boost the Global Choline Market Growth

With the increased importance of preventive healthcare and rising numbers of self-directed consumers, the dietary supplement industry is growing consistently. With this, manufacturing of vitamins, minerals, and herbal as well as nutritional supplements has intensified. Further, intense R&D in the field of choline and its impact on treatment of neurodegenerative and other health disorders has fuelled clinical adoption of dietary supplements.

Recently, Boston University of School of Medicine revealed that higher choline intake is associated with the better cognitive performance and prevented brain deterioration in senior citizens. These findings are extended to prevention and treatment studies of Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, choline supplements are prescribed to pregnant women for prevention of neural tube defects in developing fetus.

Esterified forms of choline such as phosphocholine, glycerophosphocholine and phosphatidylcholine, and choline chloride have been used as dietary supplement for the treatment and prevention of liver disease, high cholesterol, depression and memory loss. Rising awareness of choline dietary supplements is likely to boost the growth of the global choline market during the forecast period.

Growing Adoption of Infant Formula to Fuel the Market Growth

Although breast milk contains choline, incidences of choline deficiency in pregnant women and infants pose risk of incomplete brain development. Infant formula includes FDA regulated quantities of all vital nutrients including choline found in the breast milk. With the increased population of working mothers and steadily rising birth rates, infant formula market is estimated to generate revenue of US$ 66 billion by the end of 2027. With the increased adoption of infant formula, demand for choline is set to rice in the review period.

Excessive Choline Consumption Poses Health Risks

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, breast milk contains 10% of choline whereas commercially available infant formulas contain 57% of total choline in free form. As this composition does not match choline levels present in human milk or recommended intakes, their inappropriate consumption poses health risks. In dose-dependent manner, higher dose of choline has been studied to pose higher risk of cardiovascular disease development in adults. With the rising awareness of such health risks, consumers have become wise in the adoption of choline supplements.

Key Company Developments in the Global Choline market

In the years of 2016 and 2017, Balchem acquired Innovative Food Processors and Albion International, Inc. These acquisitions have strengthened Balchem’s human nutrition division with the VitaCholine brand helming company’s ingredient market.

This VitaCholine by Balchem has recently received approval of non-GMO project verified for its choline chloride and choline bitartrate ingredient product line.

BestCholine, the Austin-based supplement startup has launched choline supplements for children with the brand name Gummies.

Key companies in the global choline market are BASF SE, Hebei Dayang Animal Healthcare Foods, Be-Long Corporation, Balchem, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, VitaCholine, JJ Choline Limited, and Hangzhou Donglou Bio-nutrient among others.

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