How to became a nomad with no money

Posted by prasant bhatt on May 11th, 2018

Making money while travelling the world

Hello guys, Welcome to my new blog about digital nomad. In this blog, I am talking about how you can make a passive income source while you were travelling the world.

If you do not have knowledge about digital nomading please visit my digitla nomad faq blog where i have posted all digital nomad frequently asked questions and their answers.

Digital nomad In this article we will discuss about generating passive income with the help of computer and internet.

Computer and internet technology is becoming a daily routine of the majority of people nowadays.
Using and updating with a technology we can create a better-connected world. A connected world, where we can travel anywhere peacefully without any control or without losing our freedom.

The world wants freedom; anyone wants to travel the world with freedom. But freedom comes after the responsibility, and hence the law of a country blocks your liberty. In that case, you should learn about the way to make money or generate the constant flow of your cash.

There are thousands of business out there, more than jobs. Really, but the making money or making your right cash flow entirely depends on your business strategy. Every one in this world has their business strategy which no one knows except them.

Humankind has always been a species. Within our earliest years, we jumped freely from 1 area to another, monitoring the celebrities and observing the seasons in a bid to hunt, collect and guard our families and tribes out of vicious predators. Before the arrival of modern culture, it was trivial to manoeuvre about across broad ranges and territories, covering swaths of sea and land from hundreds to tens of thousands of kilometres apart.

Digital nomading is art of living 

If you should be one of the ones who fantasy of this way of life, you are one of many. However, attaining the capacity to place a longterm trip in a remote property when employed as an electronic nomad is not a pure effort. If you don't get financially free and therefore are living off passive income at the moment, you are going to want to locate a means to pay the bills. The fantastic news? While learning to be an electronic nomad may appear out of reach all, is, in reality, an entirely straightforward objective to do.

Many wish to break with the. Many desire to embark on experience and learn more about the Earth, shifting their crazy oats round a single continent or even the upcoming. It's their wish to bask in the attractiveness of white-sugary-sanded shores teeming with coconut groves and distant horizons full of glistening turquoise waters. It's their wish to toss caution into the end and pack their luggage and also put out to permeate our entire world, getting the best trip.

Computer and internet technology is becoming a daily routine of the majority of people nowadays. Travel and explore the world beyond unlimited opportunities out there . 

Have a good day 


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