Farmland for Sale: Why Canada is a Great Place to Buy Farmland

Posted by Henri mestisse on May 13th, 2018

Do you sometimes dream of living in a rural area and owning your own acreage of farmland? Can you see yourself as a farmer or rancher, providing food for the rest of the world? If you have decided to start farming and are looking for farmland to purchase, the next question will probably be where will you look for your new land. Here at, we might be biased because we are based in Alberta, but we humbly suggest you consider putting down roots here in Canada. Below are some of the reasons Canada is a great place to buy farmland.

Strong Economy and Established Infrastructure

Even with the fluctuating prices of beef and feed crops, there always seems to be Farmland for sale. The Canadian economy has recently enjoyed low inflation and, therefore, low interest rates. In fact, Canada’s inflation rate has been consistently lower than that of our neighbor to the south, the United States. This is in part why Canada’s overall costs of doing business (especially in agriculture) tend to be lower than the US. Canada’s production input costs (electric, construction, etc.) are a much better bargain than in the US. The Canadian workforce is also highly educated and diverse. It is incredibly immigrant friendly (especially compared to our southern Neighbors). We also enjoy a world-class technology infrastructure, allowing for high-tech farming and industrial approaches.

Business Climate

Canada ranks near the top of the G7 for ethical business environment. We are two to three times less litigious than the US. Although we have a higher rate of unionization, our workforce actually experiences much higher productivity. Also, Canada’s Food Inspection Agency is world-class in ensuring the safety of food.


Although the volatility in the current trade policies in Washington have been felt throughout North America and the rest of the world, Canada still enjoys access to the North American market. Through strong ties with Europe and other parts of the world, we enjoy strong trade agreements that put our agricultural goods into many different markets around the world.

Quality of Life

We enjoy the lowest cost of living in the G7, so your money goes farther here. We are also a safe place to live and a great place to do business. Canada, in fact, ranks only behind Finland and Sweden in terms of honesty and reliability of business dealings. Our multiculturalism is also seen as one of our great strengths, welcoming more immigrant groups than any other country in the world.

Procedures and Regulations

Although there are many procedures and regulations in place for immigration to Canada, we try to make it easier to immigrate here than many other nations. There are even special rules for those planning to buy land and start/run an agricultural business. There are also rules at the provincial level, which can be found at each province’s website.

The Land!

Then, of course, there is the abundance of workable land. Canada is one of the least populated countries based on people per square kilometer, so lots of great farmland is still available. And it is great farmland! Ontario, for instance, is the breadbasket of the nation. Adjacent to the US Midwest, its production is on par with that area. Western Canada, especially Alberta and Saskatchewan, are as much cattle country as Montana and Wyoming in the United States.

If you are looking for premium Farmland for sale, look on We have many different sellers from across the country looking to sell their farmland to someone just like you!

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