Get Updated Bin Ranges Database to Prevent Fraud

Posted by vigrxpills on May 13th, 2018

Bin ranges database helps your lookup for card issuer’s information. BIN (Bank Identification Number)- also called as IIN (Issuer Identification Number) forms part of the first 6 digits of the credit/debit/gift card. You can find the brand of card like MasterCard or Visa and various levels such as Gold, Silver, Classic, Platinum, etc. Identification of cards is essential to safeguard the interests of retailers and business outlets that accept various cards as one of the payment options. BIN database identifies the organization that has issued the card. This project is community based project and anyone can contribute by adding card numbers along with the issuing authority. The database helps the organization to process credit cards and can prevent fraudulent withdrawals.

Government departments can use the information to identify the source of theft. Financial institutions can tighten security measures. Official bin ranges databaseis not available for general public. It is kept out of reach of general public on the premise of security. Usually the information is shared by banks and financial institutions that issue credit or debit cards. The information about bin ranges list is also shared by those who process cards by arranging the network or other means. Bin ranges for MasterCard is 51 to 55 and 36, Bin ranges for amex is 34 and 37. Bin ranges for Visa is 4, etc.

BIN range checker or bin range number checker project is intended to collect the information from individuals who are using cards. There are hundreds and thousands of cards issued by various financial institutions throughout the world. By voluntarily sharing the card details one can contribute to the growth of database. You can fill the information like the 6 digit number, bank name, and country of origin, contact details of the issuer if any.

Card transactions can be verified from the information available through the database. It is also possible to find whether a transaction is done through credit card or debit card. By incorporating the database in various checking tools, the financial transaction can be accepted or rejected. Thus this entire process helps to prevent fraud. Usually banks implement various security measures to prevent fraud. Usually the first digit of the card signifies the industry major such as banking, petroleum, and healthcare, etc. Bin ranges database can be accessed from some websites that are offering the service for a limited number of times from a particular IP address.

However, if you are a regular user of the information, you are advised to go for paid plans and paid bin ranges list. Various purchase plans are available and you can select the one that best fulfills your requirements. Depending on the type of license you purchase, you can find one more following information: database download, brand validation, card issuing bank name, country of issuing bank, funding type – credit or debit, subtype (Electron, Gold, etc.), 24*7*365 access, daily updates, full list of gifts or prepaid bins, bank phone and website, bank address, former bank, free update period, etc. usually you are required to purchase the database for a minimum of one or two years. Before purchasing the database, you should enquire about the credibility of the information. You should also find out how the data will be delivered to you. Usually, the bin ranges list database will be delivered in CSV and XML formats through email. You should be able to check the usage by being able to access the information at any point of time.

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