4 Things You Should Do to Succeed in CFD Trading

Posted by alvina on May 13th, 2018

When it comes to CFD trading, never trade on an instinct. As a beginner, you got an advantage of having the experience of several successful traders and a number of well-grounded CFD trading strategies, each of which symbolizes a means of spotting patterns, analyzing market moves and calling trends.

1. What Should Be Your Trading Plan

You should have a good CFD trading plan which should comprise of:

  • Your long-term as well as trade-by-trade goals
  • Trade identification strategy
  • Money management strategy to determine the size of the trades
  • Your trading style and target markets
  • Entry strategy
  • Exit strategy

2. Trading Notes

As a new CFD trader, there is nothing to be ashamed of maintaining your trading notes. They should include reasons to enter (and exit) a particular trade, the point when you entered and exited the trade and any other observations about the trade. Such notes will be helpful to you a lot. They will help you understand points and reasons for success as well as failure. You can also understand your strengths and weaknesses from them, thus you can make the most of your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

3. Don’t Let Emotions Meddle

Your emotions can at times be big hurdles while implementing your CFD trading strategies. It’s natural for the markets to pass on shocks to you and it’s up to you to stay disciplined in any scenario. Never chase your losses by staking more than you planned. Understand that losses are a part and parcel of your trading process. And remember to be patient. You have more chances to meet your goals through a series of small gains via one outstanding trade.

If you happen to suffer some losses continuously, don’t think that the market is against you. Just review your trading strategies against your performance.

4. Management of Money and Risk

Since CFDs are a leveraged type of investment, you should keenly pay attention to your capital outlay on each position separately. You only make a margin deposit for opening a position and not the entire contract value. Hence you can maximize the return on your capital; however, it will maximize your risk too.

In your CFD trading strategies, it should be clearly stated how much of your capital you can risk as margin on each CFD trade. You should also remember that there may be a loss to you of more than your initial margin on any of your CFD trades.

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