Optimize Your Product Sale Ratio using 360 Degree Product Photography

Posted by peterjonesnd on May 13th, 2018

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce environment, companies are constantly searching for new ways to enhance their online offerings to provide customers a better experience and set themselves apart from the rest. One of the hottest trends in visual merchandising is 360 product photography which allows companies to supplement or replace standard still product images with 360 product images that are fully interactive (user click and drag left/right + zoom in/out). Providing a 360 spin photo has proven to be an effective selling tool – one that not only increases conversion rates but also decreases product returns, increases consumer confidence and ensures customers are visually assured of their purchase.

The method for creating 360 degree product spins is straight forward. Users will require a camera and photography turntable and will shoot a series of product images over a 360 rotation at even intervals. Photography Turntables can be found in many forms including manually operated turntables, motorized turntables and on the high end, computer controlled photography turntables that will start/stop at pre-set angles based on user definition. A 360 spin photo is suggested to include from 18-72 frames however the majority of e-commerce retailers offering these will choose 24 or 360 frames – that is one capture every 10 or 15 degrees then can be composed in numerous different formats:

HTML5 – Interactive 360 view that can be embedded directly into a webpage/product page
MP4 – 360 product images composed into a MP4 movie file. These are most popular for marketplaces (ex. Amazon, eBay etc..)
360 Animated GIF – a set of 360 product images composed into an Animated GIF output. These are most popular for Social Media Outlets (ex. Facebook, Instagram etc..)

360 product views make it practicable for users to click and drag the mouse control to the preferred viewing angle. It also lets a deep zoom in to inspect the item in detail. Again, by allowing customers to be in the driver seat, view the product from any angle they deem necessary is sure to provide benefits for the online seller. Major benefits of 360 Product photography are provided below:-

Your website will look more professional:

Virtual audiences have a way of determining how proficient a company is by the look of its selling site. With 360 product spins, your site will be taken to the next level, increase professionalism and will gain credibility. It also bridges the gap between physical shopping and online shopping by giving users a better experience. With 360 product views, you can expect buyers to spend more and diminish friction in the online sales process..

Improves online conversion rates:

360 spin products boosts conversion rates among online visitors. This happens because it renders the complete specification on the product that makes it easier for buyers to buy without needing to read or make more comparisons.

Provide customers confidence:

Purchasers feel more assertive about the items they are about to acquire when they have the opportunity to analyze them from all angles through revolving and zooming. Since they can do so with the pictures of the products, they have fewer queries about the products and feel confident with what they are able to see. They feel more comfortable while spending more money.

There are many more benefits of using Turntable photography technique. Iconasys, a leader in 360 product photography software and turntable solutions, offers a wide variety of solutions that enable users of any skill level to create professional grade 360 spin photos. Iconasys 360 Product Photography solutions cater to any size businesses with any budget. Their team of e-commerce product photography consultants can help answer questions and suggest a 360 turntable solution specific for your business. To learn more, visit their website today.

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