Why Should Businesses Use Liferay For Enterprise Software Development?

Posted by Rahul Sudeep on May 14th, 2018

Liferay is an Open source Enterprise software development platform based on modern J2EE technology. Most users and developers consider it to be web application framework or content management framework for its ability to enhance Digital Experience Platform for enterprises.

Liferay is simpler than WebSphere and more flexible than SharePoint. It is both dynamic and highly scalable platform with which beautifully interactive websites and enterprise portals are created.

Liferay DXP contains several functional units called portlet that offer extensive support for many programming languages like Java, C++, PHP, .NET and many more. These reasons are enough for businesses to consider implementing Liferay Portals within their organizations, however, there are many other compelling ones like:

Complete Enterprise Solution: There are Two editions of Liferay. Community edition and Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition provides all the support to manage an enterprise for all their web portal development related activities as the entire application can be developed without writing a single line of code. In the community edition, Liferay has many portlets and add-ons that work to stimulate between various Enterprise portal developments.

Cost Effective: You can develop your Enterprise Portal without paying a penny. Liferay is a low-cost portal development solution as it does not involve licensing costs as such. However, you may need to pay for its Enterprise edition to be able to use its Out-Of-Box features.

Easy Implementation: Liferay is based on “java” platform. so, it is easy to implement your application using multiple resources already available in the marketplace both online and offline.

Flexibility of Development: Liferay can integrate with almost every legacy ERP and CMS systems. It also provisions for integration with modern and old technologies like JBoss, spring, hibernate and other databases. This makes it efficient for developers to change configurations and system settings to use as per your business requirements.

UI/UX Compatibility: It can work with CSS, XHTML, HTML5 and a host of other designing technologies. Moreover, it’s dynamic Drag and Drop feature make it exciting for developers and users to move different entities within their portals.

Express Setup: Looking in into Liferay’s technical aspects, developing and setting up a portal is easy. You can develop your portal within 3 days. All you need to do is just extract files and do the tools and configuration modification and you are ready to go.

Personalized Experiences: Liferay allows users to personalize their website pages and web portals. It allows a robust Enterprise Content Management System to Add/ Edit/ Remove and amend content on portals and websites with ease with an option to make it public or private, making it the best Digital Experience Platform.

Streamlined Workflow: Liferay provides a unique workflow APIs for better user experience. By using these tools user can save time and avoid development hazards. Liferay allows the users to create and apply their own workflow with custom entities.

Out-of-box modules: Liferay tool comes with more than 60 out-of-box portlets. These portlets are always in drag and deploy mode. And the same portlet can be used for administration of various websites by a single user.

Some of the tools are as follows:

● Content Management System

● Collaboration Tools

● Social Networking

● eCommerce

● Content and Application integration

● Administration

● Workflow

● 3rd-Party Portlets

● Additional Portlet Resources

Responsive Layout: Liferay has in-built API like AUI for responsive websites and easy workflow integration & content management. It also can create various web services like JSON.

Liferay enables an organization with a digital experience platform that works for modern and dynamic businesses. It provides greater flexibility that can drive strategic growth and shape futuristic digital transformation solutions.

KNOWARTH provides Liferay consulting services to enterprises for building state-of-the-art digital experience platforms, digital customer engagement portals and collaborative enterprise solutions.

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