Paul Fontaine offers multi-ranging vocal training courses in Green Bay, WI.

Posted by rohny01 on May 14th, 2018

For the last 10 years, Paul Fontaine has been a professional singing coach, teaching solid methods to make singing both entertaining and seamless. He learned these powerful and innovative techniques from the industry's best, and developed his expertise in the field of vocal functions and their applications.
Fontaine’s easy, practical vocal techniques have helped many aspiring singers in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles to evolve as better vocalists in a short amount of time. Now, he has decided to introduce these lessons to the aspiring singers of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is based at the Guitar Celler (2248 University Ave). This new resource for local artists is a blessing for those who wish to improve upon their skills. If you are looking for the best Singing Lessons in green bay, withen you are at the right place.
The vocal training courses provided by Fontaine have been dubbed "vocal mechanics" and are designed to enhance singing techniques, precision in pitch and timing, resonance and lyrical clarity, and much more. These courses are designed for every type of singer, ranging from those who are looking for full-fledged professional careers to beginning singing enthusiasts who simply enjoy singing for fun.
One of Fontaine’s students said, “I learned more in one day with Paul than I did in a year with a teacher I had prior.” Aaron, one of Fontaine’s most enthusiastic students, adds that the training has transformed his speaking voice as well. And four months into her lessons with Fontaine, Mya says, “I'm really happy with my lessons and have noticed a change in my singing, especially when I listen to old recorded lessons.”
The central theme of this course set is to enable participants to deliver every song with conviction and immersive presence. Many participants have relished their gradual progression from beginning level to pro singer thanks to Fontaine's vocal lessons. To find out everything else you need to know about Vocal Coach in green bay, WI


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