CyberSecurity: Why Small Businesses Need It

Posted by Mudassar Ali on May 14th, 2018

Gone are the days when the small businesses were not a potential target for cybercriminals. Today they have a lot to offer, and with the rising number of attackers, the security of every network is at risk regardless of their size and value.

The trends are changing, and now for every business, small and large alike, the need to have a strong and secure network is imperative. If you have a small business of your own, you need to do the same and here are some reasons why.

They sniff loopholes
Since you haven’t been paying much attention to covering all the data tracks of your network and giving it well-rounded security, you can expect loopholes, a lot of them, in your network. The hackers will come looking for these loopholes and often end up finding what they are looking for.

Compliance is regulatory
Just like large businesses, small businesses have to deal with the technology, people, and processes too. Therefore, they put it all at a risk when they fail to get their business compliant with the cybersecurity regulations in their country. The cost of compliance might feel too high for you but compare to the charges you will have to pay in case of non-compliance, it is nothing.

Peek into your past
You might be prepared now to handle all the attacks but what about the times when you had just started out and were enrolling yourself to every online service and availing all sorts of online offers? They now will act as breadcrumbs to lead the hackers directly to you. Closing all such gateways is what will get you maximum security.

The world is moving forward
If you look around all the big names are now moving to cloud networks. To make that happen, you need to have a network secure enough to protect you and those you share the services with as well. It is not only needed but a priority right now if you want to stay a part of the game.

You are the backdoor yourself
So, you consider yourself just a small fish in the sea which doesn’t even matter enough to be secured? Well, then this is not how the hackers see you. Since you are in the market dealing with all the big names, hackers see you as the sugar-coated pawn that will lead them straight to the bigger preys. Thus, making your network secured is not only important for your own self but for the other companies in the market too. It is for this reason why having a secure network that is compliant with regulations is so important.

IASME is one of the top 5 Accreditation Bodies working to ensure that the small businesses are assessed and certified against the UK government’s Cyber Essential Scheme. It will assess your network against various international standards to ensure that it is safe for you and those you work with. After all, spending to get a secured network will only make you more credible for your clients and thus will work to improve your business.

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