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There is a need of a vast number of products to live comfortably. These necessities of life are either manufactured or harvested by a particular industry or group of people. But how do these reach us? There in comes the role of distributors who act like middlemen forming a bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. There are numerous distribution companies in Saudi Arabia who are responsible for the distribution of a wide variety of items like food, clothing, utensils, accessories and much more. Each distribution company usually takes up the responsibility of distributing a particular product, however sometimes a larger group of company may have a broad business of distributing numerous products.

Food distribution is one of the top categories in the distribution business. With globalisation on the rise the act of import and export has increased by many fold and it is evident from the food industry wherein one can find that product exchange has become a common phenomenon. Food distribution companies have a huge role to play in it as well. Usually the basic job of these companies is to provide raw products or other packaged food products to places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals and other places. They usually purchase the product from the manufacturer, store it in their warehouse with proper storage facilities and finally sell and delivers those products to their proper destination. Food distribution companies can be of varied size depending on their range of operation, from a small one-truck operation company to larger corporations. There are plenty of food distribution companies in Qatar who help in bringing a wide range of products to the market and subsequently to the household of people. Among the popular food distributors in oman is the Al Maya Group which has one of the largest logistics and distribution facilities in the country and boasts of introducing more than 50 of the world’s finest food brands to the region. They were set up with the mission of delivering excellence to their customers which have led them to constantly upgrade their infrastructure with the introduction of latest technologies in supply chain management including Warehouse Management Systems.

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