What Is the Immigration and How Is It Done?

Posted by Phoebe Lambert on May 15th, 2018

When we get enter into another country at that time we have to go through the process of verification for getting Visa, that process is known as immigration.  Actually every country will have its own agency present at your area that will be liable to follow all the proceedings to grant you visa for their country. Actually some countries have easy process and they gave you visa in very short span of time while some major countries have to follow so tough immigration process that could take months even. Each country will have its own agency that administers this inspection process. If you are not clear about the process, then you can hire the immigration solicitors near me to resolve your case.

Methods to Follow Upon Arrival at the Immigration Area of Agency:

  • When you will enter the immigration office there you have will see different directions and areas that will be specified to different procedures. There will be a separate line for people who are nationals of host country or people who will have the passport, there will be separate line for citizens for the region like EU, ECOWAS etc, and other people who are non-immigrant or simply a visitors.
  • When you will be going through process of getting immigration in a country that is not your host-country, then you should prefer to stand in the line of  non-immigrant.

Steps involves in Immigration Process;

1.     Evaluation of Immigration Documents:

Firstly the immigration executives will review the documents of passenger who want to travel that could involve visa, green card, passport, arrival card, letters of confirmation, vaccination documentation, and pother support documents.  

2.     Interview Questions

After that officials will ask you all the related questions according to the required procedures. Here we are explaining type of questions which they will ask you during your interview session.

  • Why you are visiting this country? How long you have to stay in that country? Where you will live during your stay?
  • There will be countries whose procedures require fingerprints, proof of your income, photographs of the individual that is visiting the particular country.
  • After asking all these questions and after finishing this documentation now your passport will be stamped after you case will get approved and granted through your admission.
  • Now officials will specify your entire time period of stay in that particular area especially in case of receiving non-immigrant visitors all these procedures will be followed according to stay policies of particular country for which you are applying. Depend on visa rules/tourist stay policies).

3.     Second Interview and Next Level Inspection:

After the interview visa officers will grant instant visa to people whose documentation is complete and the case with which they are completely satisfied, while on the other hand there are some immigrants that didn’t get visa approved in their first interview while on the other hand some people are asked to provide further documentation and asked for a second level inspection. They might ask you to provide your further documentation and proofs that will be important for their case. After getting these documents immigration office will approve your visa for sure.

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