Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist in Central America ,Dental Care in Gautemala

Posted by centralamerica dental on May 16th, 2018

Central America has always been an attractive tourist destination, and in recent years Guatemala has become well-known for offering cosmetic dental specialists and affordable dental implants of the highest quality. Thanks to instantly accessible internet resources, like, these patients can find the perfect dentist, to create the healthy dazzling smile they always wanted.  

In Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala, some dentists specialize in orthodontic or preventative care for children and adolescents, while other focus on the special oral reconstruction needs of older patients. Throughout your life, regular dental care, like check-ups and cleaning, are recommended every six to twelve months.

Routine dental procedures and major cosmetic work are terribly expensive in the United States, so concerned patients are looking to Central America for a more economical solution for their dental treatment plans. For example, the dental implant package in Guatemala is only 00, including the extraction, bone graft, titanium implant, surgery, anesthesia, abutment and permanent crown. The same package sells for 00-00 in most areas of the United States.

For the emergency care you need, or an entire Prosthodontic Reconstruction, Cosmetic Dental Specialist in Guatemala have the skills and experience to meet the goals of both your health and your budget, with top-quality materials, world-class skills and sincere personal care.

Some patients are already traveling in Guatemala, marveling at the architectural monuments, enchanting cultural events, natural wonders and the genuine kindness of the local residents. Debby  was enjoying a relaxing holiday at Lake Atitlan when she discovered that she could get new crowns and bridges custom-made and perfectly fitted for her here in Guatemala. Her old dentures were worn out and uncomfortable, so it was a pleasant surprise to buy high-quality new dental prosthetics in Central America, at a price she could afford.    

On the Caribbean coast, Bob was living on his sailboat in Rio Dulce, enjoying the care-free life of a live-aboard cruiser. That is, until the debilitating pain of a dental infection sent him running for the best dentist he could find. A quick google search brought him to Central America Dental, so that he could read the professional profiles of each dentist and clinic to make an informed, confident choice. He booked an appointment instantly on his phone for the next day. It was a huge relief for him to have this on-line service available to him in a foreign country.

Residents and visitors in Guatemala can now find the best local dental clinics, in English, Spanish and German on Bi-lingual secretaries respond instantly by phone in Miami, or by email through the website, to be sure you are satisfied. Excellent service, sensible prices and the opportunity to recover in an attractive tourist destination like Guatemala is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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