Clean Up Hacks after a Party!

Posted by Michael Griffin on May 16th, 2018

Clean Up Hacks after a Party

A perfect vacation is the dream that every single person strives for, but what exactly we do for a perfect holiday vacation. Actually, for few a perfect vacation can be going out to some other country, but few wants to spend their vacation with their family and close friends. When you choose to spend time with your family, you plan a house party and for this, you spend weeks on planning a perfect vacation party hoping that it will go without a hitch. Before throwing a party you start maintain a checklist in which you pen down all the essentials of it like what all you need for the night.

-          Food Menu
-          Decoration
-          Drinks

These three things are always there on your mind, but what you forget to pen down is the after party cleaning process, if you’re a regular person who loves to be the host of the night then you might have witnessed the broken glassware, lipstick stains, water rings, floor scuffs and worst part is all those decoration material scattered on the floor like balloons and custom flags! At this stage, you think even after spending weeks on planning a perfect party you end up getting all these things. In this edition of our blog, we’ll be discussing the quick clean up tips that will help you out.

-          Water Rings
The morning after the party can be bit bad for you as when you wake up you’ll witness a lot of mess in every corner of your home. You can witness a series of water rings on your wooden furniture, if this happens to you don’t panic, rub a little bit of a non-gel toothpaste onto the water ring and buff with a clean cloth. Your furniture will clean as a crystal.

-          Pieces of Broken Glass
As everyone start enjoying the party and music, things will go crazy and it’s mandatory that a couple of glasses will be broken. In the initial step do one thing “sweep the floor as much as you can and pick up all the broken pieces in the dustpan and brush. After this take a bread piece to clean up the little shards that may be lingering.  Wrap the bread in a newspaper and toss it away.

-          Lipstick Stains
The ladies who all were present back there in your party were wearing their favourite lipsticks so it’s mandatory to witness a lot of lipstick stains on your wine glasses, but it’s not the reason to scrub your wine glasses all morning. Simply use ½ cup of white vinegar and warm water to wash your glasses. Stains will go off from your wine glasses.

-          Left Over Wine
Emptying out the half-full bottles of wine in the sink can be painful for you especially if you’re a wine lover. We have an amazing idea that can save your wine also can uplift your in the future as well. Save the wine that is left in the bottle by freezing it in the ice cube tray. It’s a perfect DIY tip for everyone who wants to restore the wine. The frozen ice cubes of the wine can be used in the food and other eatable dishes that requires wine in it.

-          Garbage Disposal
After entertaining, the guests last night by doing all the needful for them be it like from balloons & flags to the wine & dinner, the last thing that needs to be done after the party is the cleaning process of home. Garbage disposal can be the toughest task for you as the leftovers stinks a lot. Fixing the stinky garbage disposal looks tough but we have the simplest hack for this, “Simply run the citrus peel through the disposal followed by cold water to get rid of any odours.”

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