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Posted by williamjones on May 17th, 2018

The other day, walking around, I looked around and I noticed air conditioners (outdoor units, those that have the compressor and the fan to understand each other) mounted at the top, bottom, right, left, above the window, in a slide , in a wolf-like mouth, covered by plants ... in short, mount a little randomly where there was free space. This made me reflect on a detail that is not so much considered but that in the long run could be essential for your wallet.
The outdoor unit of an air conditioner is in fact the heart of a system because it contains the compressor and the electronic boards that make the system work. 
What happens if it is not mounted in the right place? It happens that the air conditioner works badly because like all the machines it needs an efficient working environment.
Below you list the things NOT to do ABSOLUTELY
PS Before listing the things I state that normally those who install the system should already know these things but often for:
- negligence
- speed 
- compliance with customer requests
- hurry
- ignorance on the subject
These basics are not executed.
- in closed places
- in very small balconies and closed on the sides with a wall instead of railings
- too close to the ceiling
- too close to the wall
- in places that are too difficult to maintain
- inside closed verandas without outlet air ducting
- covered by plants, pots, garbage cans
- possibly on the outside so that it can take the rain (which serves to keep the exchange battery clean)
- in places where the air can escape freely from the fan
- at a comfortable height also for maintenance
- at a distance of at least 10 cm from the wall and ceiling to allow sufficient air to run
- at a distance of at least 50/60 cm from obstacles in front of the air outlet (walls, railings, vases)
- providing the condensation drain for use in the heat pump (in winter the condensate comes out of the external machine)
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