The Importance of Outbound Telesales

Posted by Alisha Sharma on May 17th, 2018

There are various BPO services. Out of all of them, herein, we will discuss the importance of outbound telesales campaign. But before that, let us first look at what outbound telesales is.


Outbound telesales is referred as the activity where the agents make calls to the potential customers to sell the products or services of a company on its behalf by means of persuasion.


The employees of the BPO services provider follow a process of cold calling which involves calling the prospects without any prior appointment or intimidation. During the call, they speak with the help of a script and try to persuade that lead so that he can turn into an existing customer/ client.

They also do market research in order to better understand the changing customer behavior and expectations. Moreover, they also have a list of leads, which they use to dial numbers all through the day.

The difference-

Also, if you are mistaking outbound telesales to be same as outbound telemarketing, here is a key difference-

Outbound telemarketing means marketing, creating interest of the person, making him aware of the product/ service while telesales has one simple task, i.e. to close a deal. However, while calling the telesales person you may use the information gathered by the telemarketing person.


Let’s take a look at few of the benefits of outsourcing outbound telesales function to a BPO services provider.

1. Leads get qualified proficiently-

To crack deals successfully you need to have qualified leads. Telesales is one of the best resources for lead qualification. Leads received through any medium like websites, emails or any other medium can be used efficiently by the telesales person. They pre-qualify the leads which in turn increases the lead conversion rate.

2. The objections are transformed into opportunities-

Telesales gives the opportunity to turn the objections into opportunities. While on a call, they strive to eliminate or overrule the objection made by them either by resolving the issue or by showing the better side of it. This helps in turning the leads into customers.

3. Authenticating & filtering data:

There is no denial of the fact that more than 20% of sales data is duplicated, incorrect or incomplete. Basically, there is a lot of data that is crap. The telesales person keeps filtering and cleaning the data and also verify the information. Doing so, in turn, eases your path to success. This saves a lot of time of your in-house sales team as they don’t need to waste their time in doing this.

So, just remember that outsourcing outbound calls are really essential for the rapid growth of your company. It is so as this is the only way to save time and skills of the in-house talent and to put them to better use.

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