Beyonc?, 22 Days Nutrition and the Future of Veganism

Posted by 22 Days Nutrition on May 17th, 2018

In the forty-four days leading up to her stunning performance at Coachella, Beyoncé put herself on 22 Days Nutrition’s vegan meal plan. She also linked to her meal planner on her Instagram bio so her followers could see what she was eating.

How exactly did the queen of pop come to embrace protein vegan sources and a plant-based diet? Read below to find out.

How Beyoncé Discovered Veganism

In her foreword to Marco Borges’ 2015 book The 22-Day Revolution, Beyoncé described the path that she took to embracing veganism. It started with the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

“After having my daughter, I made a conscious effort to regain control of my health and my body,” she wrote. “But I didn’t want to do a crash diet. I was a mom now. I needed to change my ways and set an example for my child.”

Bey turned to Borges, who had been her trainer and nutritionist for years. He had told her about the benefits of a plant-based diet, but she did not think she could let go of her burgers, fajita tacos and ribs. However, she and her husband Jay-Z finally decided to take the plunge in the Fall of 2013.

Looking back, Beyoncé saw this as the start of a journey “that helped me get into the best shape of my life.” As she went through 22 Days’ vegan meal plan, she found that she had more energy, better focus, better digestion and “an incredibly positive feeling for my actions and the effects it would have on those around me and the environment.”

Beyoncé and Coachella

The world got to see the results of Beyoncé’s diet and training regimen when she performed at Coachella on April 14, 2018. The internet has been flooded with raves over her headlining set. Pitchfork called it “a career-defining performance” while Rolling Stone likened it to such artistic and cultural milestones as Woodstock and Monterey Pop.

A Nutrition Revolution?

Queen Bey’s decision to take her meal planner public has been making waves as well. On April 24, Forbes published an article titled “Beyoncé Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help You Eat Vegan.” It details how, in contributor Michael Pellman Rowland’s words, “Beyoncé may have just delivered the future of personalized nutrition.”

In the article, Rowland describes how platforms like the one 22 Days uses can personalize a user’s meal recommendations thanks to AI. As the platform grows to understand an individual’s preferences, it can make better recommendations.

Once a user has selected a meal on 22 Days’ planner, they can have it delivered right to their door. In Rowland’s view, solutions like these represent “[an] important step forward for the role that technology can play in guiding consumers to eat and shop for food.”

22 Days Nutrition is proud to help people lead healthier, happier lives through its vegan meal planner. The company also offers a collection of nutritious, delicious vegan protein bars and pea protein isolate powders.

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