Choosing a Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

Posted by 22 Days Nutrition on May 17th, 2018

Once a relatively rare lifestyle, veganism has become more mainstream and prevalent in popular culture today. Following a vegan diet means focusing on eating plant-based foods and cutting out animal products. Whether considering following a vegan diet for ethical, health, or environment reasons, eating a wholesome plant-based diet takes some intentionality.

For those trying to lose weight, choosing a vegan diet can be a favorable approach. Many people who choose to start the plant-based lifestyle without a vegan diet plan struggle to fulfill daily nutritional goals. While Oreos and French fries both technically count as vegan food choices, they are obviously not the healthiest options. Being mindful of what foods are replacing traditional diet choices can make or break weight loss.

The vegetarian diet is often also chosen for weight loss purposes, but many people replace daily protein from meat with increasing dairy intake. While dairy has important protein values, it also has processed fats and sugars that are not always conducive to weight loss. Eating processed foods that are nutrient poor despite being technically aligned with vegetarian or vegan diets can do the opposite intended effect and cause unwanted weight gain.

The vegan approach avoids this by cutting out any and all animal products. Replacing meat proteins with leafy greens and pulses - beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas - also have higher amounts of fiber, which keep you satiated longer. Protein powders are ideal for on-the-go dense nutrition and help sustain consistent and powerful energy during the day.

Planning ahead makes following a vegan lifestyle easier to follow consistently, which is a central factor in losing weight. Finding a vegan meal plan that supports regular exercise and packed with dense nutrients can make weight loss uncomplicated and straightforward. Fast and easy recipes support a busy lifestyle without sacrificing wholesome meals. Along with a vegan-style plan, staying hydrated keeps the body regularly cleansed and improves wellness. This is incredibly important for regular exercise, too.

Even the best weight loss programs  struggle to stay away from restrictive diets. Instead of removing specific food groups and limiting intake, a plant-based diet replaces necessary nutrients and proteins that support active and busy lifestyles. Keeping energy levels steady throughout the day can make it easier to exercise regularly and achieve weight loss goals faster.

A good nutritional structure is the foundation for consistent and successful weight loss on all fronts. A vegan diet does not have to be boring or repetitive either. 22 Days Nutrition harnesses the natural versatility of greens, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains in meal plans and delivery for a plant-based diet. Making weight loss easier, their organic meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered to your doorstep. Choose a plant-based diet with rich nutrition and clean proteins that meet your personal needs and works for your goals.

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