Reasons not to trust Ngondi Drieder or Elvis Mbonde scammer

Posted by huma mustqeem on May 18th, 2018

You might have been planning to buy the Tabernanthe iboga because of the amazing properties that it comes with. You might have been planning to buy the product online because it is convenient and affordable. However, do not make the mistake of buying the product from Elvis Mbonde because he is a scammer. You might not believe me but here I am going to reveal the Elvis Mbonde scam that you should avoid at all costs if you are planning to save your money.

Fake products

All the products available at the store of Elvis Mbonde are fake. You might not believe me but it is true because I have been scammed by Ngondi Drieder the name he uses for his email address. The way I found that the products are fake is when I ordered them. You will be surprised to know that in the beginning, the products showed good results but within a few days, the results were gone.

It thought that it is a natural item and everything has happened because of the temperature or some other issues and that is why I ordered my next installment. It was surprising that I dealt with the same issues again, however, this time the duration for the action of the product was even shorter.

Scam delivery

I thought that there might be some issues with my environment and that is why I ordered again and this time I asked for some instructions so that I can maintain the product properly.

  •         Elvis Mbonde scam gave me the instruction about the maintenance of the product and I was glad that I can use it properly now
  •         The biggest surprise came when the box that I received in the mailbox was empty. There was not even a single item in the box
  •         You will be surprised to know that when I tried to contact him that there has been some mistake with my order and he has to consider it but there was no reply. This was the point when I understood that I have been scammed by Elvis Mbonde.

You will lose a decent amount of money

The worst part was that I had already paid him for the services. it was the rue of his store that you have to pay the cash to book the order and that is the only way it would be delivered. I had already paid enough for the fake delivers and for the last box I got nothing. It was surprising and shocking for me because the herb is used as a treatment by many individuals and some of them cannot even afford to buy such items.

Bottom line

Elvis Mbonde same should be banned from the internet. If you are planning to buy some botanical items and you come across the store of Elvis Mbonde make sure that you stay away from this individuals because he is a complete scam. He will rob you of your money and will send nothing.

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