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Posted by joev prude on May 18th, 2018

world politics must be; the expression of cosmic awareness; thru human beings with the angle of man or woman and worldwide blossoming; interacting heart to heart and evolving and crystallizing the pragmatic elements of policies, plans, programs and their implementation (i.e. total pressure management, the middle of that's NAMAMSRAN)!

At gift additionally this is going on, but in a instead imperfect, immature, erroneous, inadequate, insufficient and ineffective way. often, this imperfection is that of angle, conceptualization, conviction and actual enjoy or recognition.

The thousands and thousands of various needs, wishes, likes, dislikes, virtues, vices, moves, interactions, contradictions, dialogues, hopes and despairs; of billions of residing beings of various species, a while, geographical, political, social, monetary, cultural and historic backgrounds; nonetheless have a common aspiration for individual and global blossoming! this is either voluntary or involuntary and conscious or subconscious!

The seen hallmarks of this common aspiration; are evident in; thousands and thousands of humans being served meals free of price and hundreds of thousands of cows being cared as through Gondavle Sansthan, ISCKON and many different institutions, tress being planted via ISHA, thousands and thousands of people being trained in yoga via Swami Ramdev and Patanjali Yogapeeth pariwar, promoting and cultivation of herbal plants through Ahcarya Balkrishna, millions of humans being educated in Sudarshan Kriya via Sri Sri Ravishankar and art of dwelling pariwar, tens of millions of people getting holistic scientific remedy by way of holistic clinical practitioners in the world, a few attempts of worldwide institutions including UNO for justice in political, legal, economic, agricultural and fitness care areas, change of scientific technology and humanitarian paintings of several organizations in special fields)!

however greater specific and advanced manifestation of this aspiration might be obvious in;

*             universal exercise of NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering one's real self (about whom we are typically oblivious), proper from youth, in line with the precise way of life

*             Availability, upholding and promoting of secure drinking water and vegetarian food ensured by means of all governments.

*             Redefinition of holistic fitness as "gold standard highbrow, emotional, instinctual and bodily moves to sell person and international blossoming, in one's field"

*             practice and merchandising of Holistic remedy; i.e. the art, technological know-how and capabilities of using the whole lot powerful; in regaining and selling HOLISTIC health, as an vital and inseparable middle of mainstream clinical schooling, coaching, exercise and studies.

*             Holistic training; with "earn and learn", "produce and development", "assessment of the skills via actual practice and demonstration and passing with out written examinations; with emphasis on religious and productive area; similarly to affective, cognitive, psychomotor domains; and research and coaching in extraordinary fields conducive to holistic health

*             All religious temples and locations of worship voluntarily incorporating instructional, industrial, and agricultural and studies activities conducive to holistic fitness; thereby getting re-integrated with mainstream existence

*             All educational and commercial houses adopting the religious and religious activities; wherein, the philosophy of holistic health is implicit (even though variable in terms of semantics i.e. languages and terms)

*             Getting up early, drinking of water in morning, rubbing the tooth, gums and palate in morning and the use of herbs conducive to dental, oral and fashionable health

*             by way of hearting and singing of hymns and prayers of various religions and areas

*             legal guidelines being with out vindictiveness and conducive to holistic health

*             The worst viable criminals also no longer being dealt with with vengeance

*             In popular, the legal guidelines being formative, (e.g. the people soiling the public property could me made to easy the equal, a corrupt man or woman might be made to paintings double the duty hours, without revenue and people worried in misleading or misleading advertisements along with (98% stoppage of hair fall, double growth in height) could be made to participate in production, research, training and exercise of holistic fitness and medicinal drug, at no earnings. The production of bicycles and automobiles of mass delivery being echo-friendly might have minimal or no tax)

*             Sanskrit being researched and taught all around the world if; after cautious scrutiny by way of international nicely which means intellectuals belonging to specific religions; located beneficial to mankind

*             The unifying elements and enlightenment inside the lives of saints, seers and different reformers being imperative part of all the curriculums

*             The doctrines of bigotry, fanaticism, Zionism, racism, wars and hatred occupying NO space in curriculums

*             Ongoing introspective essential studies and speak over; pros and cons of slaughtering the cows, bullocks and other animals

*             Encouragement to people sports activities as for the folks arts and folk song.

*             Evolution of defense rules barbaric, merciless, vicious, prejudiced, suspicious, obstinate and sectarian; to reconciliatory and globally blossoming

*             merchandising of world perspective with liberal and thoughtful mind-set

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