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Posted by david91 on May 18th, 2018

One time password based verification has been necessitated due to the inherent risks that traditional username and password based access systems tend to offer. One time password bass systems ensure that the true owner of the account only gets access to the information stored in an account. Username and passwords can very easily be compromised. They can be hacked as well which always leads to security issues, identity thefts and above all loss of money and social esteem.

It is not unknown that hackers have stolen passwords ND identity information to create parallel accounts soliciting fund from the contacts of the compromised account. To help prevent these from happening, all businesses implement several security measures. They lock down access to an account after 3 or 5 failed tries. This prevents an automated bot from repeatedly trying several passwords. They implement human readable only captcha that can act as a secondary gatekeeper.

The stronger security feature, however, is the one time password SMS. This is how it works. When a customer on your database tries to access his or her account and execute a transaction that is no normal, say change password, transfer funds or add a beneficiary, the system automatically sends out an SMS the customers registered mobile number for authentication. If the customer does not enter the OTP correctly the transaction cannot be executed. If the transaction was executed by a hacker with some malicious intent s/he is unlikely going to have access to the customer’s phone.

The original owner of the account gets an OTP and immediately identifies that the traction is not initiated by him / her and s/he reports the same to the service provider. At we provide an OTP SMS API for all our clients. The system can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website using our comprehensive API.

Our SMS API and examples are available for testing. Simply click on the API page and copy the chunk of code based on the underlying technology used to build your website. Once you have the codes you can alter the parameters and try out our servers and run a trial. Our well documented API is all that you need to integrated and test run our servers before going in for a larger volume.

Features & Benefits

Otpsmsapi.Com covered all network in world.

Currently we have support over 900 Networks.

Both English & Unicode supported.

There are no hidden, monthly, or setup costs.

We offer Unlimited Validity for our SMS packages.

As easy web panel and MS Excel Sheet used to send the SMS.

SMPP, HTTP, PHP, C#, Python and XML API's are also provided for easy integration.

View and export live delivery report.

We have an experienced team providing 24/7 Supports.

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