Tips to Control Genetic Hair Fall Problem

Posted by Rejuvenate Hair Transplant on May 21st, 2018

Genetic hair loss usually starts as a progressive reduction of the hair diameter.

Without treatment from the doctor, it started weakening the hairs and result in the permanent loss later on.

Hair loss genes either pass from parents or might be it activate after maturity, depending on individual genetics.

When activation occurs, hair becomes sensitized to di-hydro-testosterone, or DHT, a testosterone metabolite that kicks off a chain of events that leads to a pattern of progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle.

And without consultation with hair specialist, it can’t be corrected. To prevent your hair follicles you need permanent men and women Hair Loss Treatment.

No homes remedies work in genetic hair loss. The best way to get hair back, when the person takes early precaution before it’s too late.

As you need to know that genetic hair loss treatments are generally treated through the surgical procedure like hair transplant and by using topical medicines like minoxidil.

When you consult your situation with hair related doctor then the doctor diagnoses the problem and provide the solution regarding that.

Many experts believe that Minoxidil which is FDA approved to treat hair loss and baldness shows that if it applied to the scalp twice a day then the result shall show positive. But this topical medicine shows the best result if you want to treat hair loss only.

The only one solution for genetic baldness or hair-fall is hair transplant. As hair transplant is the only proven way to restore hair permanently onto the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.

In this procedure local anaesthesia is used, hair is relocated from the back of the scalp to the thinning or bald areas. Because the transplanted hairs are genetically different from the ones that were lost, they are resistant to hair loss and will continue to grow permanently.

Natural and permanent results of hair transplantation demand clinical expertise and as well as artistic creativity and ability on the part of the surgeon. So always choose the best Clinic for hair transplant India.

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