Conscious Mind Can Fight Depression

Posted by JulioLicinio on May 21st, 2018

Julio Licinio, the deputy director at SAHMRI or South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, is a famous psychiatrist. He is immensely famous for his remarkable research on depression.

Depression is a mental state in which a person remains in tension all the time. According to a survey report which was conducted on Americans, 20 Million Americans always stay in a depression state of one or other type. As per the report, people affected by depression are mainly above 18 years. Depression not only disturbs the mental stability of a person but also directly affects the person’s human health.

A team of medical experts, especially from human psychology field, has conducted research on a large scale on mental stress on people of all age group. Their findings have been very useful for the treatment of patients suffering from mental conditions including depression. The main reason behind the person to get affected by mental illness is still a big question for them. In fact, researchers have no explanation till now as to why such kind of mental conditions arises in the person. But, they believe mood swings and mood controllers are the prime causes of the depression.

Prof. Julio conducted a research around 15 years back where he came across 3 persons who were suffering from the deficiency of leptin and because of this, they gained excess weight. In the treatment of those obese people, he injected leptin injections into their body for about 10 months on a regular basis. After 10 months of treatment, Prof. Julio Licinio found that those persons had shed almost half of their total weight. From this, he concluded that the regular dose of leptin works every second beat of endocrine axes. His remarkable research work has been proved to be extremely useful to the medical professionals who are dealing with the mental depression cases. His findings help them in understanding the mental conditions better.

Julio Licinio finally concludes that a conscious mind is important to have a strong mindset and a healthy body.

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