FFXIV: group pose screenshot functionality

Posted by kuailai99 on May 22nd, 2018

The group pose screenshot tool in FFXIV GIL is pretty darn powerful, since it lets you change color filters, add lighting sources, add frames and borders, loop emote animations, and spin the camera all over. About the only thing it can’t do is allow a perfect loop of your character using a battle action to get that perfect cool shot of your character raining doom upon a target… at least, it can’t do that yet. When Stormblood launches, actions are being added to the command, and you can pause the animations as well to capture that perfect shot.

We’ve also seen serious hints that something big is going to be going down in Ala Mhigo from the various end-of-scenario spoilers with our last missing Scions, and while we don’t know this will involve the Garleans… good money is on precisely that. This all ties in nicely to all of the strains that Ishgard is already dealing with and may well serve as a main component of patch 3.3’s storyline.

Ishgard already has been dealing with massive changes; now it’s going to have to deal with the Grand Companies actually making requests and formally deploying people, the first time the alliance hasn’t been either neutral or in Ishgard’s favor thus far. I’m not saying it’s confirmed, but boy, all the piece sure do fit. The tool is also adding new color filters, frames, and overlays to allow your shots to look like everything from a quick instant camera shot to a carefully rendered cinematic still. In short, players will be able to be the perfect in-game shutterbugs they always knew they could be. Who doesn’t like dramatic poses for battle as a screenshot option?www.igxe.com

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